Did you ever get any of these during your schooldays..?

Orange Juice
Cod-liver Oil


  • Outhval

    All of them, plus Malt and a green medicine to "increase appetite" called Minadex. Loved the malt…!!

  • Judee

    All of the above. By the time I was 7 they had changed from cod-liver oil in a bottle (served on the same spoon to all of us – yuk) to giving out halibut-oil capsules which they referred to as "Sunshine Balls" so it seemed like we were having a treat! We could also buy (very cheaply) cod-liver oil and malt from the school clinic. Some hated it but I loved it and still do.

  • Greywolf

    I got free milk. At the end of the school day, the oldest class were allowed to stay and play football or cricket (according to season) in the school yard, and if there was any milk left over, we were allowed to drink it (it would otherwise be thrown away). I always drank at least another pint, which is why I am tall and strong and beautiful today.

  • Poseidon

    Hello again Pops,

    The only free item I was given on your list was milk. I was in fact a milk monitor. Of course the caring Tories took away free milk when Thatcher came into power.

    I did not receive orange juice. Neither did I get cod liver oil. I am thankful that I was not forced to drink cod liver oil (LoL).

    BTW I am 66.


  • Balaji

    Yes obviously I had,farm fresh milk,seven seas cod lever oil…all.

  • bigbossmamma

    At primary school all pupils got a small bottle of milk free.

  • Free milk in the ’60’s,and if you were chosen as milk monitor,you’d get the spare ones.

  • robin

    free milk

  • Narnia Scout

    Free milk, yes I remember that. Tiny chubby bottles with silver foil tops.
    It was Pasteurised and at home I drank sterilised (or long bottle as we called it). When you opened the bottle the milk looked like it had swirls of grey paint in it. I hated it but we were forced to drink a bottle every morning.
    In the winter it was often delivered late, after class started, and so wasn’t brought inside and so we had frozen milk at break; in summer it might be ‘on the turn’ because of the heat… didn’t matter, we still had to drink it!

    Never had free orange juice that I can recall nor cod liver oil (my mum would have gone mad dosing me with that!).

  • Marilyn T

    No free stuff from school. They made us work for it.
    I was a milk monitor and during that time I got a free milk after I sold milk to everyone else, had to wait to have my school bagged lunch too.
    Everyone was off in the school yard playing while I was in the cafeteria almost alone eating my bag lunch and drinking my free milk.
    Not sure if it was worth it looking back on it.
    My mother lined the 4 of us up everynight to have our spoon of cod liver oil and to drink a glass of milk.
    What a combo, milk and fish oil. We all got our own spoons as my mother was a germ freak.
    Guess in the US nothing is free something has to be earned, that’s the lesson I was given with my so called free milk.
    Grew up in S. Calif. so oranges were everywhere, school never gave us any for free.

  • sandie

    mom squeezed orange juice, kinda like getting it for free. we went on a field trip to a dairy, which left unanswered the question do brown cows give chocolate milk.
    I’ve never seen a purple cow/ I never hope to see one/but I can tell you this right now, i’d rather see one than be one.
    we also went to the wonder bread bakery and they gave us darling little loaves in the balloon wrapper.

  • MizzB

    Yes to the milk, Pops. But here in Australia with the weather being pretty hot most of the time, that milk was really horrible ,since the delivery man would leave it outside. Few kids ever bothered to drink the stuff. Yuk

  • Scouse

    Milk yes and Maggie Thatcher was right to stop it because so much was thrown away unused

  • ♥♥♥Y♡Ʊ Ɠ♡ ƓĪŔĿ♥♥♥

    Yes, Just free milk

  • Cal The Pickled Witch

    None of them. Milk was 1¢ because I remember bringing a nickel to school, pinned to my clothes, for milk money. We got little wafer cookies just before nap time, and I think those were free, or maybe the teacher brought them from home because they were really cheap in those days, still are, really. Remember the little rugs you brought from home for nap time? I had mine for years and years afterwards. One of my few memories of kindergarten. That, and walking to school because it was only a block away. The only time I was ever a "walker".

  • Freespirit

    i got free milk and i think watered down orange juice where you could barely taste it but no cod liver oil thank goodness yuck!

  • We had a truck stationed outside the school, not sure who ran it. You could get free milk, I would go more than once since We did not much at home. Love that milk.

  • Peggy

    Milk yes, cod-liver oil yes and, at some point, we had orange juice but I cannot remember whether it was instead of milk. I don’t remember us having both at the same time. The cod-liver oil and malt which Judee remembers was sold to parents by the school nurse (she was also the ‘nit’ nurse!) and it was also available at the local n.h.s. clinic. My brother received it free because he was considered ‘very skinny’ for his age. He had to collect a large jar of it on his way home from school every so often to help build him up. He was older than I and might have suffered more from shortages during the war than I did.

  • Fred3663

    All 3, free 1/3rd pint of milk at school and the others from the clinic

  • LeRoy

    No. When I went to school (US) there was nothing free. You ate your breakfast at home and brown-bagged your lunch. Getting anything to eat or drink at school was unimaginable.

  • Lynnmarie

    No. I think we paid 5 cents a day for the milk.

  • christine,rice cake queen

    Free milk every school day, ingeniously flavoured with all sorts by moi ( in winter, sucked though a fiery Victory V lozenge , in summer,fruit shaped plastic squeezy bottles were sneaked into school and added to milk at break time – strawberry milk – yummy )
    Orange juice at nursery class ( free )
    Mum gave us cod liver oil at home, to fight colds and ( she said )" keep you regular "
    Here in the UK, we have so much to thank the wonderful NHS for
    We got the nit – nurse , who also checked us for impetigo, ringworm, rickets , etc and never charged a penny ! And we had our eyes, ears, etc tested regularly

  • bluebell

    In 1950s Dublin children got free milk and a sandwich. Milk was one-third of a pint, and the sandwich was always the same depending on the day of the week. Monday – hazlett, Tuesday corned beef, Wednesday was a bun (cupcake), Thursday another meat something like tinned Spam you can get nowadays, Friday was a no-meat day so the sandwich had jam. We lived just doors from the school and always had to go home for a proper dinner. We felt so jealous of the other kids with their school lunches. The only day we too got to share those goodies was the one day a year the priest came to test us on our Catechism, and you know, those sandwiches weren’t that great after all.

    There was no free orange juice or cod liver oil, but we got them at home anyway. The cod liver oil came in the same little capsules that are still available today.

  • Mitzie2000

    Nothing was free in school. We ordered chocolate milk, which I loved on milk days.

  • Husker41

    None of the above. We brought our own lunch to school, in lunch boxes.

  • armouror

    all standard Issue in London from WW2

    My mother would Give me a teaspoon of cod liver oil followed by a desert spoon or Orange Juice

    and i was a Milk Monitor at school and we Threw away about 60% of the Stuff

    Margaret Thatcher did the Right thing there was Nothing worse than warm milk

  • Steve

    milk, peanut butter and peaches —— during some bountiful harvest I guess (surplus)

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