Could anyone tell me about the connection between colon cleansing and good joint health?

I read that an unhealthy overworked colon that does it’s job less efficiently can result in unprocessed toxins that end up reaching the joints and that building up and creating sore joint pain
– so secondly would anyone know of any effective colon cleansing supplements – Thank You very much for any help!
It’s always good to look at research done on both sides of the issue, so for anyone that’s done that, Thank you.


  • Maddox

    Just take fiber. Colon cleanses are BS. I read studies on them and they found that they did nothing beneficial for the body.

  • yathay

    Sounds like new age, alternative health BS to me.

    Food goes in. Poop comes out. As long as it’s not taking more than a couple of days for this to happen, then you’re working fine.

  • Bob From Marketing

    Warning – Colon cleansing can DEHYDRATE YOU which will lead to more absorption of nutrients by your body to protect itself due the lack of nutrients. This in turn will mean less nutrients for your body to take up. Which means more wear and tear on the joints due to lack of nutrients to repair them.

    However, it is important to have a healthy colon. Anything High in fiber will help you clean your colon. You can also look for yogurts like Activia that have the bifidobacteria that clean your colon and are NOT HARMFUL TO YOU.

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