• Janet S

    There are a variety of causes for acne, thence several remedies. See if any of these apply to you:

    It may be hormonal. If you are an adolescent boy or girl then wildly fluctuating hormones could be the culprit. If you are a woman whose monthly cycle is very painful or flow is heavy or sporatic or even absent, it may be hormone imbalance. If the skin clears up during pregnancy, then it is definitely hormonal. If any of these apply, try Vitex (chaste tree) berry. I like the liquid extract but if you don’t like taking the drops, take a powdered extract in capsule form. You should see results within 30 days.

    Bad diet can affect skin health. So can other toxins in the system. This gets worse if you don’t like to drink your 8 cups of water daily. If you are constipated or bowel movements are irregular, toxins build up and one way the body has of getting rid of them is through the skin. If this sounds like you, try eating more raw veggies & fruits every day, drinking fresh carrot juice and plenty of water. You should see some improvement in a week or two, although it may take months of good diet to get rid of the problem.

    To speed the cleansing of impurities, I suggest drinking red clover tea – at least one cup per day. Buy organic if you can find it. Alvita brand teabags are available at most natural food stores.

    Studies in Gr. Britain have shown low zinc levels in acne sufferers. I believe the RDA is about 15 mg. Coffee and alcohol inhibit absorption of zinc.

    Topically, use only natural products as artificial dyes and perfumes and mineral oil can make things worse. Castile soap with eucalyptus is gentle and antibacterial. Apple cider vinegar, diluted to 50% with water, makes a great PH-balancing toner. Use a moisturizer even if you have oily skin because overly dry skin is also prone to breakouts.

    There is a product at natural food stores called Miracell that is very effective at clearing skin and even eliminating the scars.

    Natural food stores also sell products specific for hair, skin and nails. If skin on other parts of your body besides face, neck and upper shoulders are affected, these products might be beneficial. Also supplement with beta carotene (vitamin A).

  • KirstenP

    no spirits
    lots of vegetables and fruits
    no candy or chocolate

  • lcayote

    herbal medicine has been arond forever check at a store near you or look on net.

  • ^**thE kOol giRl**

    well i had acne too i didn’t wanted to look on the mirror and i told my oldest sister about it cause she had a perfect skin so she told me to put some avocado mix with 1 egg i know it sounds nasty but if you really want to get rid of the acne you have to do what I’m telling you it will work please try it

  • cutiemarquita

    There is a home remedy, but you will have to invest in a juicer, but it is very much worth it.. carrot juice is the key.. I use to suffer from very bad acne, until my mom enlightened me to carrot juice, and a balanced diet.. moderation is the key.. alot of chocolate and ice-cream is what seems to have made me have more occurring breakouts, but with the balanced diet, and the vitamin a in the carrot juice, I now have great skin, and I still eat chocolate and ice-cream from time to time, but not that often.. You can also take natural vitamin e 800 mil a day..

  • SALLI58

    Try a homeopathic remedy. It’s inexpensive, safe, and all natural. My sister and I have noticed that our skin is worse if we use hair spray, mousse, or gel.

  • David D

    There may be something of use here.

  • bsphan18

    Toothpaste is key, it burns a bit but will rid of acne in one night!

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