What natural medications should I be taking every day?

I have a family history of many illnesses, including, cancer and heart disease. Now that I am getting in my late 20’s, I am starting to be more concerned with my health. I have researched that natural remedies, like fish oil are high in Omega 3 acids and good for helping prevent certain illnesses and overall improve your health. I am curious about what types of natural medications one should take every day to improve their overall health?


  • Helios

    Most fun book you’ll ever see on natural medicines – Atkins: "Vita-Nutrient Solution". Get it used off of Amazon. In it he talks about replacing the prescription drugs doctors give people with natural stuff. And he speaks of his experience with his patients using these things that anybody can buy.

    Anyway, if you have cancer in the family – Selenium every day.

    A good quality One-A-Day vitamin/mineral pill each day – one of two of those.

    Also I’ve always heard it said that if you only took one pill per day – make it an aspirin.

    For overall health – fish oil – 3000 to 6000 mgs/day – with vit. E. Maybe 2000 mgs of vit D (helps fight depression along with a bunch of other stuff).

    But as you know – there’s a zillion things out there, and some of them are clearly scams. But study up – take this stuff and you’ll never know if it works – you’ll just live longer and trouble free with any luck at all.

  • lynne and brad

    get tested 4 ne inherited diseases and just take vitamins

  • monkeypug2000

    Great question. A little preventative maintenance will take you a long way. Vitamin D , produced by the sun is a must. Some vitamin E is great but not too much. Zinc prevents prostate cancer. Eating fresh blueberries can prevent colon cancer. Carrots can and has been know to destroy cancer cells. Strawberries are great as is watermelon and tomatoes and broccoli .

  • First off, they’re not "medicines", they’re dietary supplements.

    Secondly, repeat after me "Just because some is good doesn’t mean more is better".

    Go ahead, do it.

    Now, what supplements you should take have a lot to do with what kind of diet you’re currently eating, and what the rest of your life is like.

    If you eat a good deal of fresh fish and nuts you’re probably getting all the omega 3s and 6s that you need. If, OTOH your 3 main food groups are "McDonalds, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut", well, you need to change your diet a LOT.

    I just pimped Art De Vany’s "Evolutionary Fitness" once, and I’ll do it again.

    You may also want to look at this stuff:


    Especially the stuff about vitamin K2 (the best source of which is milk or butter from cows eating fresh grass. So basically good butter is a health food now. (Repeat after me: Just because some is good doesn’t mean more is better. I will NOT eat butter by the stick)

    Basically a lot of what I’ve been seeing lately suggests that:

    1) Diet consisting of Fruit, Veges, lean meats etc.
    2) Moderate Exercise.
    3) Intermittent (once or twice a week) fasting.

    During winter months if you live in a dark climate you might want to supplement vitamins A and D.

  • Jasmine W

    Natural Herbs from GNC or other Health stores

    Butterbur- two ingredients in butterbur inhibit the production of leukotrienes, which are compounds that trigger inflammation of blood vessels. Headaches occur when cerebral blood vessel contract and then expand, stimulation pain receptors.

    Red Clover-50 mil. of red clover have been shown to help cholesterol by raising the level of the good HDL. This means better heart protection.

    Lemon Balm oil- was shown to be effective against a series of human cancer cell lines. It’s a anti-tumor agent.

    Cayenne pepper, ginkgo, and ginger are all circulatory stimulants that could increase circulation.

    Flaxseed is good for the heart and adds fiber to the diet. It also flushes out toxins(pesticides, heavy metals, remnants of drugs or alcohol,etc.) If you want to lose weight this is also helpful since it fills you up.

    Folic Acid protects against insomnia and sleep problems and leg cramps.
    Coenzyme Q10 improves scalp circulation and increases tissue oxidation .
    Carotenoids protects DNA

  • Hermione

    For heart disease I’d recommend NOT eating heaps of meat!
    Have more fish instead if you like to eat a non-veg diet.
    For preventing cancer, things with vitamin C like fruit and veges.

    **Exercise is good [does not need to be a ridiculous amount!], even just an easy walk most days.
    **A good multi-vitamin [one from a naturo-path/herbalist would be best, not the supermarket variety] so you get a little of everything everyday.
    **if you can, [get or afford to] eat organic foods as much as possible as I think they are one of the best ways to go for preventing cancers [and for helping fight cancer if you do get/have it].

    I would also suggest for more precise advice, see a naturo-path or herbalist who can listen to your concerns and suggest the best things for you to take …and they may also have or be able to let you know where you can acquire such supplements.

  • Louise L

    safest is Australian Bush Flower Essences Purifying essence keeps you detoxed and would help in the preventative area for both illnesses.

    filtered wild fish oil is good, 50% raw food and avoid wheat will do a lot to improve health. eating meat is ok in moderation (best free range or organic though, buy the best and eat less as we tend to eat too much protein in any case)

    "Australian Bush Flower Healing" by Ian White
    ISBN-10: 073380
    Yahoo email group discussing Australian Bush Flower Essences

    Lots of other essences combinations to keep you mentally, emotionally and physically healthier. As you can tell it has helped me a lot

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