Vegetarian with high cholesterol?

What foods can I eat that will help my high cholesterol but don’t contain animal meat or gelatin!


  • Proud Vegan

    The best thing you can do to lower your cholesterol is to go vegan. Being a vegetarian you are probably still eating dairy products and eggs and all of those things are terrible for your cholesterol levels. Eat a diet comprised of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, grains and vegetable oils and you’ll soon see your cholesterol levels drop.

  • S.M.Z.

    Avoid a diet that is high in added sodium, refined sugars, refined grains/starches, & refined cooking oils (only consume raw/cold-pressed virgin oils). Keep these refined items to an absolute minimum in your diet.

    It has been proven repeatedly now that dietary cholesterol intake has nothing to do with bad ratios of LDL vs HDL cholesterol, and that things like whole eggs actually improve this ratio. Unfortunately, most bad ratios of LDL vs HDL cholesterol is the direct result of genetic shortcomings, not diet directly.

    Also, you have to realize that there are two density types of LDL "bad" cholesterol, and one of them is actually completely neutral toward health and not actually harmful – so measured LDL levels can be highly misleading in many cases. The issue is far more complex than most people realize. High long-chain saturated animal fat intake, for example, increase LDL cholesterol – but it is almost all the "fluffier" density type LDL that has been shown to be completely neutral.

    It is also important to note that people who fail to get proper, healthy exercise compound the problem with unfavorable LDL vs HDL ratios within the body.

  • vegiac_gal

    It’s not about what you need to add to your diet to fix this problem, it’s about what you need to remove. Try following a whole food, plant based (vegan) diet for a few months and see what a difference it makes.
    It is also important to get regular exercise to lower your cholesterol.

  • tew3020

    Do you mean that YOU are a vegetarian, and have high cholesterol? If so, cut down on all fruits. They are all high in sugars.
    It’s hard to understand how someone would disagree with the fact that fruit is high in sugar. Also, to disagree with nationally known doctor who has written 3 books on diabetes. I guess the answerer is a lot smarter than the M.D.
    Look up what happened to Ashton Kutcher the actor, who went on an all fruit diet. He ended up in the hospital, with insulin problems.

  • Joshua

    A vegan diet is known to help with cholesterol levels. Surprisingly going vegan is not as difficult as it sounds.

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  • Louis

    Proud Vegan and SMZ have both given you very good advice.
    I agree that you should stop eating dairy. Replace milk with soy milk, replace eggs with tofu. and definetely eat lots of unprocessed plant based whole foods. something else to do – get some flax seed and grind it up in a coffee grinder. Put it in the frig. and put about a teaspoon in your food each day – it can go in a smoothie or in some sauce. It will boost your omegas and might make your cholerterol levels go down.

  • Shitakey

    Really the only person who can & should give you this type of advice is a gp or dietician (especially if following a vegetarian diet).

    There is clear bias here towards promoting veganism & many uninformed people on the topic who are merely repeating heresay as if fact.

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