Thyroid problem or what?

Any health care professional that knows what’s wrong or have any suggestions. I’m a 24 year old male that has been having insomnia and heat intolerance problems for about 1.5 year. I’ve been sweating a bit more than usual during the day if I am at work sitting down or even standing in line at the store. Even on cold days.This is mainly during the day and I seem to have difficulty sleeping every night. I am fatigued sometimes, but it’s hard for me to even go to sleep. I’ve asked several people and they told me I may have a thyroid problem. Is that what it is or can it be something else. I’ve have a blood test concerning hepatitis panels & STDs and they all came back normal. Any ideas on remedies or what I am suffering from, please let me know.thanks!


  • Anonymous
  • pennypincher

    It could be your thyroid. Do you eat like a horse and are you skinny? Your thyroid may be overactive. You need to get a blood test from a doctor. A prolonged, untreated overactive thyroid can cause vision problems and osteoporosis.

  • sirpaxalot

    Hyperthyroidism is over action in the thyroid gland, Hypothyroidism is under action of the gland. Allergies can also be havoc in the human body. Your symptoms show potential for each. Call a doctor, preferably one that is update to on thyroid news and info (most endocrinologists use a book, not good methods) and explain in detail what you eat, how often you sleep, your daily activities and even where you work (office building, plant, small store, etc..). Both thyroid situations can be treated but finding out now is needed, don’t wait.

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