should i worry about colon cancer?

i’m a 15 year old male, turning 16 this month & lately i’ve just been worrying about my health, i don’t know why, i’m guessing i’m paranoid, or maybe not, i hope i am though. anyway i’ve lost 38 pounds in one year and whenever people see me they wonder how come i lost all that weight, i was involved in swimming for most the time but stopped around april and i still feel like i’ve gotten thinner after that, i have a family history of colon cancer & i smoke marijuana, sometimes cigarettes but that’s only when i roll the weed onto it i no longer smoke that poison called tobacco though, my finger tips feel extremely cold at night and today i looked at my stool and it was two toned but first time i saw it like that cuz i usually check i’m guessing it’s because i have the flu right now, should i worry?


  • Colon cancer is unlikely at your age, which is why colonoscopies are recommended beginning at age 50 (or 10 years before the youngest 2nd degree relative had theirs diagnosed) and not at your age. You may have something else going on, so get checked out by a doctor and be truthful with them. They can evaluate you for causes of weight loss. 1-2 lbs per week is a safe amount of weight loss, so that might be ok for you. Maintaining your healthy habits may have allowed you to stay thin/lose weight after your stopped swimming.

  • thinkingtime

    You are far more likely to be struck by lightning several times than to get colon cancer at 15.

    Smoking marijuana will slow you down and reduce your efficient study, but it’s your life you are threatening.

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