I have a samsung N150 plus netbook. I spilled some juice on it and now I can't get the touchpad to work.?

I’ve shut it down, taken out the battery and blasted it with high pressured air. I’ve now got to the start menu but I can’t enter my password. I’m stuck in a remote area right now with no mouse to fall back on – I don’t even know if that would work! What can I do?


  • Justin

    You really should of let it to dry for a while. Try searching up keyboard shortcuts for the time being to try and log on.

  • Arnak


    It is either the repair shop and or an external mouse.


  • Flake-o-matic

    Good job, you just blew the juice even further in. Never do that. It needs to be taken apart by someone qualified to do so. Anything else is pure guess work.

  • Unca Alby

    You would be incredibly lucky if your touchpad is the ONLY thing to stop working.

    Water is bad enough, but juice conducts electricity much better, which can lead to short circuits, plus it’s sticky which can lead to mechanical parts sticking.

    Take it to a qualified repair technician. They’re going to need to take it apart, clean it out, dry it out, and put it back together. Make sure they make a full backup of your hard disk first, because it’s entirely possible they won’t be able to fix it.

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