How to stop needing to urinate?

I have cystitis and need to pee all of the time. It is annoying, because I wake up super early to go (I’m talking 2/3am here) and I disturb my dad and grandad when I’m over there (at least 3 days a week) by going at night.
It also discomforts me because I have had it for 3 weeks (illness due to stress) and it should be the least of my worries at the moment. Any imput would be gratefully accepted


  • Girlie Electrics

    Loads and loads of plain, unwseetened fluids plus cranberry juice if you can stand the stuff.

  • Water water water. You have cystitis and the best cure is drinking lots of water to flush out your urinary tract. Dont drink tea, dont drink coffee, dont drink anything with sugar or sweetners (these things raise the acidity level of your urine which is the perfect environment for germs to breed in) Just drink water and lots of it. This will clear up in 1-2 days with this treatment. Trust me I have had cystitis many times, and it is always caused by not drinking enough water. This is compounded by laying in bed too long in the morning and putting off that morning pee. The germs which cause cystitis just love the acidic environment in your bladder at this time of day and breed like hell. Don’t give them a chance to do so.

  • scuba03

    you shouldnt stop yourself form peeing no matter what the issue is. Because you can cause major problems, like UTI’s you. if you hold your pee to long sometimes you cant pee at all after this and you would need to have a catheder put in.

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