Colon infection? Want tn get rid of it!?

i jus found yesterday i had a c.diff how can i take kare of this. Can it go to my bk to.


  • Your colon is being over run by a bad bacteria. Your colon is full of bacteria & many of the strains are beneficial for you. Something like stress, illness, or antibiotics have caused an imbalance in your good & bad bacteria. In the WORST of these cases, part of the colon is removed OR a stool transplant is given.
    (That’s right, someone elses feces that is full of healthy bacteria is put inside your colon.)
    To avoid that, try repopulating good bacteria with probiotic supplements. Go to your healthfood store (it may be in the refrigerated section) & select a brand with the most strains. Here’s one I use, Gr8-Dophilus b/c it has 8 strains & not just plain acidophilus.
    Since stomach acids can kill off the probiotics, it’s best to take them 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach w/ water & don’t eat anything for 1 hour after taking. Since you’re out of balance, I’d double up on the dose for awhile & then take regular dose once rebalanced. And take it regularly, daily even when things have cleared up. You will never get rid of all the c.diff so you don’t want it to come back during the next time of stress or illness.
    If you have diarrhea b/c of this, you need to have a steady liquid intake with sugar & salt. (lightly sweet & salty, not heavy.)
    Mix 1/4 fruit juice with 3/4 water. Drink from that all day.
    Make another container of lightly salted broth. Heat up a cup & sip from that while alternating with the fruit juice water. Finally, snack on bananas all day too. For the potassium.
    Get plenty of rest since that’s when a lot of your digesting is going on & you want the morning’s probiotics to spread through your digestive tract. Avoid or shed off stress quickly.
    ("Can it go to my bk to.?" = I didn’t understand what you wrote.)

  • ChemoAngel

    Uh Oh…I know a 4 year old with that condition…she is in a miserable state….start googling, and listen to your doctors advice.

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