can under Active thyroid people be able to have kids?

right, i Have an under-activee thyroid, which means my body doesn’t create enough hormone. Google it if you don’t get it 😉
But i was just wondering, would i beable to havve kids when i’m older or not?
Thank Youx
To the first person who commented. but it says, i’ll get high sex drives and stuff :S


  • Can't Control The Kittens

    If you are taking a synthetic thyroid supplement (prescription) then your thyroid condition should have no bearing on your ability to conceive. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns, but by taking your thyroid medication you are giving your body what it needs so it wouldn’t affect your fertility.

  • starstrukk

    The thyroid controls no sex hormones at all, you’ll be fine.
    The chemical your hypothyroidism (medical term for it) is causing to be in short supply is Thyroxine, which is linked to your metabolim. It will cause weight gain and such, so be careful to keep in good health.

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