Anyone know much about natural medicine careers such as homeopathy or herbalist???

I’m looking at going back to school and really love natural medicine. I’m hoping that someone out there can tell me more about careers such as being a herbalist or practicing homeopathy. I love to work with people, in fact I am currently a nursing assistant. I have NO intentions on being an RN because I do not like the ways of "tradional medicine" and how much they push drugs.
I have had a personal experience once with homeopathy when "traditional medicine" did not work for me for years, and with one remedy from the homeopath doc, all my medical problems were gone just like that! It was such an amazing thing!
I live in the state of Wisconsin, and cannot move out of state to go to a school. The only schooling I can find is distance learning type schools. Any tips or ideas???
Thank You!!!


  • I think your definetly on the right path, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to seek natural means of health these days. I originally wanted to study naturopathy but ended up doing aromatherapy because i was too scared to do the chemistry side of it, funny enough, I found myself having to do mountains of chemistry and A&P and the lot. It wasn’t so bad once I got into the back to school thingy. I now contract myself out to health care facilities and i have more work than i can handle.

    It is imperative that you find yourself a reputable school. Many of these type of courses are by distance learning. Find out about the many different scopes first and don’t listen to people that say it’s all bullocks. Good luck!!!!

  • Natural medicine is great! I am studying it now but i live in Australia so i dont really know where in Wisconsin you can study it. It really is a fantastic thing to be studying right now as people are becoming more aware of natural medicine alternatives. It depends what course you decide to take but both herbalism and homeopathy will require you to do chemistry, biology, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals which can be a bit tricky but i suppose you already have the background from your current nursing position. It really is fun and great for the open minded. I really hope you can find a nice school to study at. It really hellps to meet like minded people and share the experience.

  • Brilliant idea.
    I trained as a homeopath 14 years ago and love it !
    Why don’t you contact your local homeopath and have a chat with him/ her to find out the best place to train ?
    Here in the UK our courses are 3- 4 years part time at college but some of our universities are now running courses too!
    Good luck – you won’t regret it.

  • tartan_12003

    Make sure you get an accredited course. There are a lot of courses out there that are quick to take your money and teach you a lot of crap.
    Work out what exactly you want to do – for example Homeopathy. Contact the Homeopathic Association in your country. They should have guidelines and rules and regulations that control the education content of courses and the practise of it’s members. They should be able to recommend accredited courses.

    I am an RN and also qualified in 4 areas of natural therapy. They work hand in hand with mainstream medicine. Some "natural" therapies are more harmful that mainstream medicines. Please don’t think that just because something is labelled "natural" that it’s not harmelss. Be careful in your choice of career and be very careful in what advice and treatment you give people as a professional. Be aware that sometimes a natural therapy won’t be enough and that mainstream medicine may be needed to help with an acute problem.
    Good luck with your studies

  • With one remedy, all my problems were gone!

    If you cannot move out of state, you’ll have to take courses through distance learning. They’re not worth it.

  • Check out and the links within

  • butterflyspy

    Im just like you and want to be come an herbalist.I have been mixing up my own medicines for a while now and want to learn more .If you do find out something please email me I really need info and my question only received two responses.One said that I could work as an apprentice for someone.Im thinking maybe I will get a job at the health food store and I would learn even more.The woman who works there is such a nature guru.Like you though I want to help people.I would email you but your profile doesnt allow that so you could email me if you have time.I have been raised around herbs my mother is a reflexologist and some people call her a healer. She is one of those super compassionate people.

  • dr_nancy_malik

    Training for a minimum period of 5 1/2 years (BHMS) is absolutely necessary for becoming qualified to practice Homeopathy in India as it gives a complete understanding not only about the structure and functioning of the human body but also a thorough understanding of the homeopathic philosophy and its practical utilization while treating diseased persons. And to do M.D. further, you have to spend three more years after BHMS

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