will using one of those triple colon cleanse hurt you in any way?

i hear that useing a triple colon cleanse can help you feel better in many ways. now i’m talking about a colon cleanse that takes three weeks to do it. it cleans the build-up on the walls of you colon and flushes it out.but i haven’t heard if it could hurt you!


  • staya

    Unless you have diverticulitis, or some other intestinal or GI problem, you should safely be able to do a colon cleans at home.

    You may want to take some time off from work, or your regular routine to properly prepare which I will define:

    1. raw foods diet, mainly vegetables and some fruits, or soups/lightly cooked.
    2. bathroom nearby
    3. Castor oil pack or heating pad for tummy
    4. visit to colon hydrotherapist if betonite clay gets stuck or if you are trying to pass extremely impacted matter.

    If you are doing an Arise and Shine cleanse, there are plenty of great resources.
    Bernard Jensen is a favorite/classic on bowel health and cleansing.

    Best to you,

  • minnesota_cold

    No it won’t hurt you. They use all natural ingredients.

  • Renate

    Yes, please do not attempt to do that.

  • tam4givin

    If you research you will find it hurts more than it helps. There is build up if you are having bowel movements. The stuff that they say is build up is really mucus from the bad things the so called cleaning is doing.

  • No. It will not hurt you. Ingredients use are natural, just read the label. You have to adjust your diet high in fiber, so that your bowels are always clean.


    I’m not exactly sure about the triple colon cleanse and its benefits, but i do have a recommendation. Its a product called ISAFLUSH. its an intestinal cleanser that is very gentle but very effective. it cleanses the intestines, the colon and helps to kill off parasites in the body. you can get more info and order the product at http://www.bodysculpts.isagenix.com

  • clvcpoet

    I have heard colon cleansing isn’t natural and often very harsh. I think it can throw off your system. You’re better off changing your diet and eating healthy foods such as more vegetables and fruits. The body naturally detoxes itself if we feed it the right foods and fresh water.

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