what does low bad cholesterol indicate?

my friend has a low bad cholesterol level from the lipid profile tests. doctor will examine that but does anybody know what could it indicate? he is 21.


  • Karen Robinson

    I’m not quite sure what you mean but I have low cholesterol. It can cause strokes because the blood doesn’t clot the way it should. It can affect the brain, making you depressed, anxious and agoraphobic. It causes poor sleep patterns and nightmares. It can also cause you to have symptoms very similar to chrone’s disease. In fact, people have been known to have been mis-diagnosed with chrone’s disease when it was in fact low cholesterol. I think this is because low cholesterol affects the liver, it can’t produce enough bile acids because cholesterol is used by the liver for bile acid synthesis. There are other symptoms but I forget what they are because I haven’t suffered any of them.
    I posted a question on here last week asking for high cholesterol foods, I was told eggs, which I already knew, liver, red meat and shrimp. Does your friend drink a lot of coffee? Because a high caffeine intake can cause low cholesterol too. I hardly ever drink it so I really don’t know why my cholesterol is so low.
    There isn’t much help on the internet either because when you type in ‘low cholesterol’ you just get tips on lowering rather than raising your cholesterol level.

  • Vulcan

    There is no "bad" cholesterol. There’s a ratio between LDL and HDL which is more or less favorable to you. You’d want to know what this ratio is.

    Good numbers on cholesterol can just represent good genes – or he’s lucky.

  • nurse52

    It really depends on how low it is.
    Since the liver is responsible for synthesizing cholesterol, total cholesterol lab values below 100 mg/dL may indicate liver dysfunction. Low cholesterol values are especially significant if the patient is not taking any cholesterol lowering medications. Low cholesterol values alone should not be used as a definitive diagnosis of liver disease. It is important that lab values are used in context with the overall clinical picture.
    It is also seen in malnutrition.
    Take care

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