Question about my thyroid?

My tsh was 94, I just did the first part of the nuclear scan today and I finish it tomorrow. My question is this: my doctor told my that my thyroid is basically not working, yet the technician who did the scan says he got really good pictures of the thyroid and if it were not working they would barely get a picture. So what does this mean? I have a multi nodular goiter (reason for the scan). So is it working and there is something else wrong….? Has anyone else gone through this same thing?


  • MrsG1032

    DNA is correct with her answer. I have a dead thyroid too. The best advice I can give you is to educate yourself on your condition. There is a book that tells you everything you need to know about your thyroid. It is easy reading. It saved my life! I kid you not! Had I not read the book, I never would have known about all the different types of medication for my thyroid condition. The first medication I was on wasn’t working well for me and I felt horrible. So I found this book, read it, and had my doctor put me on the medication it recommended. That was over three years ago and I’m so glad I found that book! You can get the book at any book store (if they are out of stock, have them order it for you) or you can buy it online at for as little as $6.98. It’s called, "Living Well With Hyperthyroidism" by Mary J. Shomon. I have read lots of books on thyroid problems and this is by far the best book out there.

  • Just because they can get good pictures does not indicate at all how the gland is functioning to produce hormones. The scan isn’t evaluating the gland making hormone, so the tech does nt know what they are talkinh about To see ow the gland is functioning blood work of the hormones is done. You had a TSH test. Better tests would be the free t4 and free t3. They would show how much T4 is available to convert to T3. The free T3 would show how much T3 is usable by the body.

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