Is quitting smoking necessary for colon cleanse?

I have been smoking for 11 years, and I have tried to quit in the past, but was unsuccessful. Lately, I have been looking into colon cleansing and its benefits, and would like to try it. One of the recommendations was absolutely no smoking. I know smoking is bad, and I know that it seems pointless to even consider a cleanse if I’m gonna smoke. I was just wondering if smoking causes MORE damage or are they suggesting that it is just GENERALLY a bad thing to do?


  • SkepDoc 3.0

    There are zero health benefits from "colon cleansing", and potential harms. (the cost, side effects, infection, perforation, peritonitis, death)

    There are serious harms from smoking tobacco as well as zero benefits

    Quit smoking for it’s own sake, and don’t waste your time on colon cleanses.

  • Ross G.

    I’d just keep on trying to quit smoking no matter what.

    Does smoking do ANY good for you? No, not really. It’s bad and you know it. Just try harder to stop.

  • Holly

    Colon cleansing, while strangely popular, has absolutely No health advantages—quite the opposite is true. Eat a big bowl of oatmeal for a similar and much safer result. Any qualified gastroenterologist will tell you the same.

    Smoking also has absolutely no health benefits—-why worry about your colon if you want to smoke?

  • Dolores

    Lung cleansing is what you must think of. I suggest to read
    The site isn’t "elegant" but its contents is ok.

    Hope this helps. Regards!

  • A.V.R.;_ylt=AkkP.ZU4jOjdvz7k9_b.kD0b53NG;_ylv=3?qid=20100403115702AAOKHsk

    I question the validity of colon cleansing itself.
    As far I know smoking has no effect on colon cleansing.

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