is cola bad for teeth? the website of a certain cola company says orange juice is much worse?!?!?


  • charterman

    Any drink that contains 18 teaspoons of sugar in a coke sizes can is surely going to rot your teeth.

    Try watering orange juice down with sparkling water for a refreshing drink. The kids will love and it makes the orange juice kinder to the teeth plus the orange juice goes further.

  • little78lucky

    while the acid level in orange juice is much higher cola is still very bad for your teeth, in my high school we did an experiement where we put teeth in different juices and colas and just let them soak and they would eat away the tooth

  • Yes cola is really bad for your teeth and your liver.

  • I think we might be better sticking to water.

  • Kayla R

    The acids in both are not good for your teeth but cola is worse.

  • Danni P

    damn right coke rots your teeth good n proppaa!

  • Cola stains your teeth, but orange juice doesnt..

  • Laiiilaaa

    cola is much much worse! it kills brain cells did you know?

  • schwartzbarney

    Both contain a high amount of acid and sugar

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