How serious is swelling in the front of the neck?

My daughter thinks it may be a thyroid condition and is seeing her doctor soon.


  • shootingstar

    do thyroid problems run in your family?
    i have hashimoto’s thyroiditis,
    is it painful to her at all?
    i had developed a goiter(enlarged thyroid) and it was very painful, turns out my body was attacking it and killing it making it inflammed.
    def. see a dr.
    but make sure you ask for the right blood tests.
    ask for TSH and antibodies.
    thyroid conditions can make a person feel horrible with their hormones going wacko so if she does have one, the quicker she see’s the doctor the better, not serious as in ER trip though.
    hope they figure something out! 🙂

  • b_bardi99

    it may be something called goitre,and its a good idea to see the Dr!
    a simple blood test will explain what is going on.

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