will garlic tablets lower my cholesterol?

My cholesterol is high. Instead of taking lipitor (which has side effects) will garlic tablets lower my cholesterol? If not, what will?


  • Garlic pods as such are believed to lower cholesterol. I am not sure of garlic tablets, coz of the composition of the tablet format.

    Now is your cholesterol very high? May be a reason, the doctor suggested you to start medications.

    I generally ask my high cholesterol patients to go on exercise and diet program for a month. Post one month, I reveiw the bloods, if there is a good improvement, i ask them to continue the healthy lifestyle option and avoid meds and get checked every month to keep the, but them on track. But in patients, whom I don see a change, i start them on a low dose but still have prescribed healthy lifestyle…

    Its your doctors opinion and he is the best for you. You wont be coming to me for treatment in an emergency rather you will be rushing there, so take his opinion before you try anything

  • {DvT}JonahHex

    If garlic were a better choice than lipitor, your doctor would have prescribed it. Talk your doctor about the side effects and possible alternatives for lipitor.

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