What kind of ice cubes do you make? Of spring water, cold coffee or tea, fruit juice, with little berries?

Just wondering!

Thank you


  • ann113599

    In the summer i do herb ice cube so i have them for my cooking in the winter, i also make orange and lemon ice cube to use in drinks plus mint one to use in fruit juices.

  • Master D..

    Water from the tap

  • pixiebell

    I usually fill the ice cube tray with ordinanry tap water, but i have made ice cubes out of orange juice and cola! Never thought of using tea but i like your idea of berries! Sounds refreshing!


    spring water
    i think i will try making the fruit juice ones wit barriers

  • Frances Fullafrogs

    Tap water.

  • Tim S

    Kool aid for the kids

  • Baps .

    usually spring water ones, but I have made fruit juice ones

  • sylvery_fae

    cubes – tap water, why waste money on spring water? for kids treats, we use dixie cups and fill with juice, fruit, and a popcicle stick

  • Cherry juice!

  • dbethanid

    I make cranberry ones then put 2 or 3 in a tumbler and pour vodka over them.

  • I make different kinds of juice and filtered water. there’s a gas station that has THE best ice. they’re like half-spheres. I love them! my entire family thinks I’m crazy because I crave ice. it has been suggested that: I have an iron deficiency, a potassium deficiency, pica, and am dehydrated. it’s a little weird.

  • flump-a-lumps

    Coffee would make me vomit. Yuk! I just use council pop!

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