What does your thyroid have to do with body hair?

I was reading a question, and someone had answered that your thyroid is responsible for hair on your body. What is a thyroid and what exactly does it do? What are its responsibilities in females?


  • Krunknuttz

    You need your thyroid for the hormones it produces. The thyroid—a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck—makes hormones that control the way your body uses energy. Your thyroid controls your metabolism, which is how your body turns food into energy, and also affects your heart, muscles, bones and cholesterol.

    While thyroid disorders can range from a small, harmless goiter (enlarged gland) to life-threatening cancer, the most common thyroid problems involve an abnormal production of thyroid hormones. Too much of these vital body chemicals results in a condition known as hyperthyroidism. Too little hormone production leads to hypothyroidism.

    Hyperthyroidism happens when the thyroid becomes overactive and produces too much of its hormones. People with hyperthyroidism have problems that reflect overactivity of the organs of the body, resulting in symptoms such as sweating, feeling hot, rapid heartbeats, weight loss, HAIR LOSS, and sometimes eye problems.

    Unlike hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism stems from an underproduction of thyroid hormones. Since your body’s energy production requires certain amounts of thyroid hormones, a drop in hormone production leads to lower energy levels, causing you to feel weak and tired. Hypothyroidism will also cause HAIR LOSS.

    Pretty much, if your thyroid produces too much or too little of the T3 hormone… then you will suffer the effects of hair loss.

    If you need more information regarding thyroids (what they do and how they contribute to hair loss)… then check out a few of these links.

  • Lisa A

    Having too low of a level of thyroid hormones causes your hair to fall out.

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