The best product for cleansing skin?

Hii.. I’m twelve and beginning to get spots. I want to know whats the best product for cleansing my skin. Or if there’s anything I should do at night or in the morning. Just basically anything about cleansing, moistering, etc.. Thanks! :]]


  • lemon juice works for me! plus its natural

  • Catherine

    hey i know how you feel 🙁 i have had spots for a couple of years and have tried soooo many useless products out there… many of them just irritate your skin and can be very expensive. I would recommend using the cleanser and moisturiser from the simple range. simple products can be viewed here:

    they arent expensive and are very kind to skin. also another good skin range in organic young. they do organic products which can irritate the skin if you have sensitive skin but contain lots of healthy,good ingredients. their products are suitable for spotty skin and they also do a great makeup range aswell! i found these products very good as they were developed by a mother who couldnt find any good skin products for her daughters.

    I wouldnt recommend buying lots of spot products as many of them dont work. Clearasil and tea tree can be very irritating on the skin so be cafeful and good luck!!!!

  • Peter

    There are many products out there that are designed to cleanse your skin and to moisturize your face.

    Some good ingredients to look for in a face cleanser if you want to reduce acne and pimples are Retinol and Salicylic Acid. Be careful as these ingredients can dry out your skin.

    As far as moisturizers go, be sure to find one that you like and don’t go for the cheap discount brands. the ingredients they use are basically oil and will not help your acne or pimples problem.

    I have a mens skin care blog, and while it may be geared towards men, it does have some good tips that a girl could use as well.

  • only get products that are for your skin type
    for example clean and clear or other teen products aimed at oily skin or the t-zone would be awful for dry skins
    or vice versa, products for dry skin on oil/combination skin = BAD
    i used to use these when i was like 10-14 maybe, they are really nice an gentle retail at about £5 per product, which can be costly but it is worth it, only sold in superdrug in the UK though

    Use a face mask once or twice a week, i usually just get superdrug or boots own brand they do the job, make my skin really radiant an close pores

    I exfoliate, no matter what skin type this is vital! only like 2 or 3 times max. a week, anymore than that an your skin would end up worse

    Toners i wouldnt bother, they never really made a difference to my skin an they are quite costly

    now i use No7 face products since im bordering adulthood an my skin isnt as greasy, they are nice gentle products an my skin is clear an radiant
    No7 and Expert range sold in Boots UK
    Simple skincare is good too
    for body products then i would recommend vasaline, nivia or johnsons

    if your skins dry apply moisturiser when the skin is damp
    OH AND always use a moisturiser =)
    on irritated skin use petrolium jelly (better known as brand vasaline)
    Spots directly apply a dot of anti bacterial or sudo-cream, just drys an disinfects the spot helping it heal 🙂
    AND DO NOT wash your face with soap, it drys the skin out harming the skins natural oil production therefore making your skin more greasy

    Drink a lot of water and eat fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Mariah

    I am 12 too and i tend to get spots, white heads etc. but its way too early to use moisturizing products because when you moisturize there are oils in it and oils creates pimples blackheads etc.

    What i do is i wash my face more often because it gets rid of oily and dead skin cells trust me in about 3 days results started to appear (Bumps, white heads on your face will begin to shrink) . (This only works for if your skin is shiny, you have little bumps on your face, and white heads) pimples – If its pimples then use acne serum i prefer iQQU acne serum it works wonders 😀 . the reason you should use acne serum is because it takes more oils out. Any acne serum will do.

    Don’t wash your face too much because sometimes it could cause skin irritation.

    Wash your face right in the "Morning" "After lunch" and "Before or after dinner" Hope this helps 😀

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