im 40 weeks plus 3 days Pregnant?

Im so fed up and just want the baby to make an appearance. Im not sleeping at night and am just so uncomfortable!!!! I had a show 9 days ago and another one yesterday.
I’ve tried castor oil, pineapple juice, sex, hot curry, lots of walking, gym ball, running up and down stairs etc.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I had a sweep done yesterday which hasnt made a difference plus the baby is still sitting very high. Ive been given the 19th June to be induced but want to go before then!!



  • Be patient. They baby will come when he/she is ready. My best friends daughter was 9 days late. Talk to your Dr about induction if you really want to have the baby that way or you can just be patient.

  • Leslie + Baby Amira

    Tell the baby enough already!!!!!

  • expecting november mommy!!

    it seems like you’ve tried everythig!! im sry i kno ur uncomforable…i think the only thing to do is pray lol

  • keevelish

    Nipple stimulation. By now you should be very sensitive to the natural oxytocin that your pituitary releases when your nipples are rubbed like a suckling baby.

    Do one breast to start with because it can bring on strong contractions. Five minutes every hour. If it’s not working, try both at a time. Stop if your contractions become intense.

  • Erica

    Unfortunately you can’t do much. They usually induce when you hit 42 weeks. Just do some walking & they say that helps. Good luck!

  • Jennifer W

    walking always worked for me.. go on a fast-paced walk (take plenty of water with you).. and then go home and relax for a while.. and repeat! haha.. the little one will come when it’s ready though, sometimes you can’t force the issue!

  • hayaa_bi_taqwa

    Hmm, I’ve heard that peppermint oil (the essential oil) can induce contractions, so maybe getting DH to give you a nice massage with a blend of sweet almond oil and a few drops of peppermint oil mixed in just might be what you need. And if it doesn’t work then, hey, you got DH to give you a nice long massage. 😛

    Good luck and early congrats!!

  • Kimberly G

    well u have to wait till u get induce

  • Schweetie

    It sounds like you are VERY close. I was in the same situation at 40 weeks 5 days. I did everything you did except the castor oil. My first show came one week before my second and my first sweep was 2 days before my first show. The day before I went into labor I had a second sweep and the day I went into labor my second show appeared. I was supposed to be induced the day after I delivered. I know you dont want to hear this, but baby will come when ready. Be patient and relax. The time is near!
    Good luck and congratulations!



  • Shazza

    Sounds like you’ve done everything in the book! Although i usually wouldn’t recommend nipple stimulation as it tends to bring on quite rapid and painful contractions if done incorrectly, you could maybe try it. You basically play with your nipples (sorry!) for about ten to twenty minutes, every few hours.

    But apart from that, I don’t know! You’ve tried everything else! Ask your midwife about nipple stimulation before starting it, she may not recommend it for you!

  • Grainne S

    poor you,i so no what its like i went 13 days over it was the longest days of my life your we baby must be to comfy,see when you said you tried Castor oil sure someone told me olive oil and didn’t i drink it how sick was i,but i would of done anything it turned out i had to wait till the baby was ready.good luck

  • andrew's mommy

    sounds like you’ve tried everything and your baby is saying "nope i am going to stay in here" lol.. aww sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable, but what women hasnt been throught that. trust me, i had severe back ache from my 33rd week til i delivered, i never got any sleep (until i went in for false labor, and they gave me mild sleeping pills) it hurt to walk, sit down, go up and down stairs…etc… basically everything. i hear ya on what you’re going through. women have been dealing with the same thing since the dawn of time.
    but sounds to me like you’ve tried everything. how come your doctor wont induce you sooner? usually once you past your due date, they will induce you within a couple days to a week. shoot my doctor suggested it before my due date. i was induced at 39 weeks and 5 days.
    the only ways i know are sex, spicy food, tea, castor oil (which is not recommended), walking… have you tried swimming?

  • Tulip

    I can empathize with you because both my children (bless them) were late. Perhaps not surprising really because according to my mother I was 3 weeks late (not sure that they got the dates as accurate in those days), and I’ve been late for most things ever since. My mum tried hot curry and my dad took her out in his van down the bumpy lanes in the hope that this would spur me on………………….but nope I was staying put.

    There is not a lot you can do really other than try to be patient, but I know it’s difficult. Keep yourself as occupied as you can; try to focus on something else and you can bet your life you will go into labour when it’s not your main focus. I know you are not sleeping well and are uncomfortable, but try to make the most of these last baby free days……………………………………pamper yourself, do as many nice enjoyable things as you can…………………treat yourself like a princess because once the baby comes along you won’t have much if any time for yourself for a while.

    Alternatively, resign yourself to being induced and then if you go into labour sooner it will feel like a bonus.

    With my first pregancy every night I used to peer into the empty crib and think ‘why the hell are you not here?’ In the end when I was two weeks late I was taken into hospital and induced, and at last my 8lb 5oz son put in an appearance.

    Then 3 1/2 years later my daughter was late, and again I was booked in for when she would be two weeks late, but amazingly 2 days before I went into labour and had her the day before I was due to go into hospital. However, I had been convinced I was going to be induced again.

    Good luck and before you know it you will be a mum.

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