Colon cleansers?

Any body ever try colon cleansers, do they work?


  • thaliax

    There are a lot of "back-to-nature" types around here and I’ve actually heard some very peculiar conversations about the benefits of various colon cleansers, including colonic irrigation.

    One brand among many is Colon Blow:

    Other people swear by Dr. Schulze’s products (you’ll get a disclaimer/warning page when you first enter the site) :

    Or even just plain old psyllium husks, available at most health food stores.

    No matter which method you use, just be sure to follow all of the instructions properly. Many people seem to benefit from cleansing their systems on a fairly regular basis.

  • n8van2

    No, i tend to stick to semicolon or question mark cleansers ; ?

  • thepaladin38

    Colon cleansers do work and they make you feel a lot better. They say you should cleanse your colon with ever change of seasons. Go to and look for a product called Cleanse Blend.

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