cholesterol problem….about diet?

can anybody provide a list of foods which should be avoided in high cholesterol problem? …please..?
age- 35yrs, male.


  • Allyson K

    Eggs are big ones. Pretty much fattier cheeses, certain shellfish, organ meats, and fatty gamey meats should be avoided.
    For more, see:

  • Kurtis

    don’t drink bile

  • larry c

    try being a vegetarian for 1 week…’ll see why we do it…’ll feel better…. smell better…and can forget about cholesterol..

  • Ankhesan amun

    You should avoid anything that is processed food – snacks, boxed prefab foods, etc. and stick to whole, natural foods. We all should, regardless of our cholesterol levels.

    Something else that you might want to research….the work of Linus Pauling, and the benefits of Vitamin C. You will be amazed. Trust me. It’s the most powerful antioxidant that we have available, but it’s under used, and under appreciated.

    A little reading that might give you a different understanding of cholesterol…


    Take Care.

  • suerone

    Avoid anything fatty, fried and shell fish like lobster because those have loads of cholesterol. I saw in a report that soy beans or soy milk (I loved silk) reduces cholesterol.

    Anyway I am a raw vegan and my Raw diet has been proven to lower cholesterol forever, diabetes, and a whole lot more. You should research it.
    Oh Avocado has lots of natural cholesterol so I dont know if you should be avoiding that also.

    Anyway good luck.

  • Lucy L

    To avoid cholesterol problems you first need to address the type of pyramid you are following. Let me explain there is only 2 types of food pyramid that we can all follow:
    (1) Healthy Diet or Wellness Pyramid (this is a balanced diet)
    (2) Lifestyle Pyramid (this comprise large quantities of simple sugars)
    If your diet consist of 2-3 serves of fish/day, 5-9 serves of fruits and vegies/day and 12 serves of unprocessed wholegrains then you can reverse the effects of cholesterol otherwise it can be an ongoing issue. Exercise also helps to lower cholesterol and avoid eating highly processed food and consume more complex carbohydrates such as fruits and vegies as mentioned above. Try introducing Pure Salmon Oil
    Vit E and some Garlic Tablets which have all known to lower cholesterol and drink 4-6 glasses of water per day. Read this source coming from the W.H.O. about chronic disease prevention and cholesterol being one of them. Hope this helps.

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