Will colon cleanses help me lose weight?

I am 21 i weigh 230 pounds im 5’3. Im trying to lose all this weight that i gained after i had my daughter(she’s two).So i just recently seen an old friend of mine. and boy

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  • Jo, it won’t help. The notion that your colon needs cleansing is a triumph of marketing. There have been clinical studies, but none produced results backing the claims of colon cleansing products, from weight loss to reduced cravings to greater energy.

    Fecal material does not collect, impacted on the colon walls. Fecal material in the colon is not toxic and cannot poison. (Or constipated people would be found dead on the street. "Look, Jerry, there’s another one. Poor bastard didn’t eat enough fiber.")

    Colon cleansing is quackery, designed to sell you a product you don’t need.

    There is no legitimate reason to cleanse your colon unless you’re getting a colonoscopy. (And the various colon cleansing products marketed on TV and in magazines are not what gastroenterologists want patients to use.)

    Flushing everything out of the colon is not the secret to weight loss or better health. It results in weight loss not because it’s healthy but because poop and future poop weighs something. You’ll feel better because you *believe* you’ve done something healthy, not because you *have* done something healthy.

    More beneficial than a colon cleansing is consistently eating whole grains, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and drinking enough to be properly hydrated all the time. Spend your health care dollars and time on something that’s actually beneficial.

    This viewpoint is supported by: The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, European Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, and the American Journal Of Gastroenterology–the premier professional journals of the specialists who would endorse colon cleansing if they felt it offered any benefit to their patients.

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    So what does help? A change in your eating habits, both portion control and what foods you select, plus frequent light exercise. I always get a good jump-start by weighing or measuring everything I eat and counting daily calories for two weeks, trying to stay between 1200 and 1500, and going for walks..***:D

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