whats the best way to keep my mind of juice or water?

im trying to stop drinking to much as i get really thirsty and it tough but im trying to control my self from drinking too much juice and water as i drink alot of it and i dont want it to weigh on my stomache to much as sometimes i have to much and i fell sick.

you know funny enough i dont drink alchohol as i dont like the stuff. ill only have it if im going out with my mates and thats not too much, plus when i do have alchohol i only have alcopops

before you ask, no i dont have diebetes, the docter checked and i dont have it


  • Sarah S

    Drinking water isn’t bad for you. In fact it will help you lose weight over all. If your body is crying that it’s thirsty, then you need water. Stay off the juice, it will dehydrate you. You could try incorporating the liquids in through soup or something liquidy. Your body might just really need the water though. Have you had a recent head trauma? You could have diabetes insipidis which is not the same as the diabetes you mentioned. It involves a hormone imbalance that has nothing to do with blood sugar or insulin. But it nearly always develops after a head injury.

  • Mimkat

    If you are thirsty then your body wants/needs fluids. I don’t understand why you would ignore your body in that way? If you drink too much in one go & it makes you feel sick then drink little & often, it’s common sense. Water is good for you & vital for your health.

  • zarabell39

    Aqualette from Health Food Shop reduces water retention.

  • lea m


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