Thyroid problemssssssss?

How much weight is normal to gain when you have a thyroid imbalance?

how quickly do you usually gain the weight?

once treated how quickly does it come off???


  • intelex

    That is a little like asking how many clouds there are in the sky.

    The only thyroid imbalance that causes weight gain is hypothyroidism. The extent of the problem depends on whether TSH, T3, or T4 is low, or whether there is simply an imbalance in the normal ratios. It also depends on the physical fitness of the person who gets it, their age, and how extreme the imbalance is, and how long they have had the condition prior to treatment.

    The better the fitness of the person, the less weight they will gain. Also, the faster the weight will come off once balance is restored.

    In general, the younger the person is, the faster they will lose the weight and the less they will gain.

    If the imbalance is fairly extreme, the more weight they will gain and the faster it will come off when the issue is corrected.

    The longer someone has the condition, the longer it will take them to lose weight because hypothyroidism slows the metabolism on a fundamental level. The effects of this are long term.

    Of course, if you work out and get active with the additional energy, the faster you will lose weight as well.

    If a person is 30-40 years old, they might expect to gain 5-10% of their weight every year. How fast it comes off is complicated, but I would point to the simple model of caloric intake versus expenditure/excercise.

  • Nicole

    is it hypo- or hyperactive? Usually the weight gain isn’t too bad, but depending on the treatment it could take a little while to take off, if you can, because some meds cause you to gain and retain weight.

  • Tricia C

    It’s not overnight. When you have a hypothyroid condition the whole metabolic system slows down. Including the digestive system which is why you probably are carrying a little extra weight. It is not a magic pill and you can never take too much or it can cause heart related problems and a whole host of other issues. You can’t really measure weight gain or weight loss because everyone is different. If they put you on synthroid, levothroid or levothroxin don’t expect much change. You might feel somewhat better but the drug that works the best is a drug called armour thyroid and makes all the difference in the world. It really helps the digestive system kick in which will help you lose some. Hopefully they will start you out on one grain which is 60 mg. Don’t take my word for it read up on armour thyroid it is natural but prescription and gives you T3 and T4. the other drugs only give you T4 It will probably take a week or two before the medicine kicks in. Good luck to you.

  • foxy Teri

    Hi I have Hypothyroidism which is an under active thyroid and the weight gain was the very last thing I noticed as it comes on gradually if i remember rightly i put on approximately one stone and it comes off after you take the medication (usually levythyroxine). This usually takes two months long enough for the medication to get into the system. I had depression aching joints back pain and my hair fell out! I am glad to say it grew back after taking my meds!

  • Angelbunny17

    I have Hypothyroidism and have never gained a pound. Not everybody that has it will gain weight. I had every other symptom you can have except the weight gain. I’m on Armour Thyroid now, and after only 2 weeks on it all my symptoms have went away. Everybody that has Thyroid problems will experience different symptoms, so try not to talk yourself into the fact that you absolutely will gain weight. My best advice to anyone diagnosed with this is to educate yourself about the symptoms and treatments so you can decide what will be best for you. Good Luck 🙂

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