soda and health issues (mental/physical)?

is soda bad for your mental/physical health? is diet soda worse or better?


  • wiseowl_00

    Soda is very bad for your health, both physical and mental.
    The sugar in soda will lead to weight gain, tooth decay and long term can lead to diabetes and other health problems

    On the mental side the stress that the constant blood sugar spikes puts on your endocrine system can lead to a condition called Hypoglycemia.
    Hypoglycemia is very low blood sugar levels starving all cells of the energy they need to function, including the brain. Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia are irritability, uncontrollable thought or emotions, short temper, depression, suicidal tendencies, insomnia, phobias, violence and aggression, trembling, excessive sweating, loss of co-ordintation, confusion, amnesia, paranoia and negativism.

    Sugar not only has had all the nutrients removed from it, but it’s consumption uses valuable nutrients from your body to process it, one of which is vitamin B. If you were to suffer from vitamin B deficiency symptoms could include fears, fatigue, depression, paranoia, confusion, hostility, rage, anxiety. See the pattern?

    Of course this wont happen from drinking just one soda, but a healthy diet would at least severely limit it’s consumption.

    As for Diet sodas, they contain aspartame, a neurotoxin that was only allowed into the food chain through corrupt officials. Avoid It like the plague.

  • mckahlan_2004

    I doubt it’s BAD for your mental health. I wouldn’t say it’s good for you, either. I love my diet soda though… probably IS good for my mental health because I couldn’t live without it. LOL.

    Regular soda is certainly not good for physical health though – way too much sugar. Diet soda is fine.

  • Glass_cut_r

    These days, one never knows what is good or bad for you. This would include diet and non diet sodas. Just read the labeling and see all the chemicals they put into the stuff. You’ll cringe once you realize what you are putting into your body.

    Fructose, the sugar substitute, that is use in non-diet sodas is definitely not good for you; though some will say it won’t harm you. The reason why soda manufacturers use it is because it is much cheaper than real sugar.

  • Tai M

    diet soda is said to have the same addictive sweetness as regular soda. even though it’s not "real" sugar your brain still craves the sweetness, hence, people drinking diet soda like it’s going out of style. the carbonation is not good for your stomach, teeth and gums, and neither is the caramel color. my doctor recommended not drinking more than 2 cans, or less, a day. so i suppose it’s not good mentally or physically.
    of course regular has too much sugar.
    they are both very tasty and if you drink with care i’m sure you’ll be fine.

  • litning2001

    all soda is bad for you. Diet soda is bad for you because they either contain aspartame (can blind you in one eye, cause brain tumors in large doses, drains your electrolytes etc.) or splenda (which I find is undigestable ) or a mixture of both. Regular sodas contain gobs and gobs of sugar (read: fat and too much for some to diabetes.) Better to stick with water or tea.

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