Recipe calls for 'sugar cane juice'. Cannot find this anywhere – anyone know of a substitute.?


  • McFeisty

    golden syrup = cane juice = jus de canne = cane syrup = sugar cane juice = light treacle
    Notes: This amber-colored liquid sweetener is popular among British, Caribbean, and Creole cooks. It’s made by evaporating sugar cane juice until it’s thick and syrupy. Lyle’s Golden Syrup and Steen’s Pure Cane Syrup are popular brands. Substitutes: Combine two parts light corn syrup plus one part molasses OR equal parts honey and corn syrup OR maple syrup (This is thinner, and not as sweet.) OR dark corn syrup (This is thinner and not as sweet as golden syrup. If you like, try reducing the corn syrup in a saucepan to thicken it.) OR light corn syrup (This is thinner and not as sweet or flavorful as golden syrup. If you like, try reducing the corn syrup in a saucepan to thicken it.)

    If you have absolutely none of these substances, you can try an equivalent volume of granulated brown or white sugar. No need to worry about adding any liquid, granulated sugar is considered/treated as a liquid when used in baking.

    I’m having trouble finding online sources to buy it. Here’s one: – it’s $16.75 for half a gallon, the 12 oz is $7.75. It says only 3/4 as much is needed to achieve the same sweetness, so if you’re substituting regular sugar, you might want to take that into account. These seem to be specialty tea and coffee shoppe items, you might try a local coffee shoppe to see if you can buy some there. Expect it to be pricey, though. Good luck!

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    sugar and water I would think!

  • Joanne A. W
  • I don’t know of anywhere that you can buy sugar cane juice. As far as i am aware the juice of a sugar cane usually has to be sucked or chewed out of a sugar cane (at least it is the way we eat it in the Caribbean).

    Ifyou really wanted to get sugar cane juice then you could try buying some sugar cane and squeezing the inner flesh to extract the juice, but i doubt you’d get much liquid from the cane.

    Sugar cane juice is basically liquid sugar, as the sugar cane plant is where sugar is derived from, so in answer to your question you may be able to use thick sugary water as a substitute.

  • Brown sugar will render the closest flavor.

  • The sugar cane juice from the cane is about 10% sugar so dissolve 10gms of light brown sugar – not dark – in 100ccs water and use that.

  • alex winefly

    Sounds to me that your recipe means a sugar syrup,just put some sugar in a good pot add boiling water slowly to dissolve the sugar adding until you get the amount and consistency that you require, you might have to keep the pot over a low heat to melt the sugar but be carefull you don’t allow it to boil or you might end up with a pot of toffee like substance.
    I used to do this when a wine recipe required some sugar syrup. good luck with what ever you are making

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