my babys ill, any tips?

ok, my little baby girl(9months) is ill, she’s a nasty cough & runny nose, took her to the dr’s yesterday, they checked her chest and ears, said it sounded clear, she does not have a temp, so today is day 3, she’s basically slept on & off all day, really lethargic, just having cuddles all day, she had her breakfast cereal with mashed banana as usual, but no lunch or dinner but i breastfeed so she’s been on and off the boob all day, and less water than she normally has, so my questions are what can i do to make her feel better?? i’m offering her boobie all the time to keep her topped up!! but shall i bathe her tonight, i did last night and steamed the whole bathroom up for 20 mins, shall i just steam up and/or bathe her?? any other tips or??????


  • Mrs. Momma & CDA

    When my son is sick I do a couple warm steamy baths a day. I try to give juices and gatorade through out the day. I like the gatiorade because it contains more water than juices do. Plus he was such a cuddle bug also, hard to get stuff done around house but.. I just cuddled and watched movies with him. I worried because he’d sleep alot alot but its best for them.
    Good luck and if it worsens or continues for like 5 more days take her to the dr again.

  • Melissa

    I was going to suggest steaming up the bathroom and taking her in it with you, to help break up the cold in her chest. My son had a bad cold at 6 months and I did that three times a day. Other than that, you could try some infant tylenol or motrin, even if she doesn’t have a fever it can help if she is having any aches or pains from the cold. Let her have as many liquids as she wants, as liquids and rest are normally the best things to do for a cold even as adults and of course cuddle with her often! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  • Hi, my little girl is 3 now and she has been and still is the same as your baby girl when she is ill. I think its just the way she deals with being ill. I would just keep a close eye on her and i’m sure she will be ok soon.

  • Jaymie

    A steaming shower always seems to the trick. If you have a natural health food store near you, they should have a kit called a kids pack which has about 8 different bottles in it. Inside is a book that lets you look up your child’s symptoms and will let you know which natural disolvable pills you mix together to make the illness go away. I used them with all three of my kids which helped reduce the need for antibiotics so they wouldn’t build up immunties in case they ever really needed to use them. Also, just fyi for ear infections they have garlic oil at natural stores that get rid or ear infections and the pain in around a day or so.

  • mummy to thomas n summer

    steamy bath and some calpol maybe some baby vicks rubbed on her chest so she not so stuffy other than that lots of cuddles and sleep

  • aww hope she gets better.

    i would keep the house warm and make sure shes well looked after

  • VxI Tom IxV

    Call 9 1 1 immediately dude and give her mouth to mouth if she doesnt respond, err give herr sum red bull to give her a buzz .. Hope this helps.

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