I'm not eating any fruits or vegetables, how long will it take before I notice any effect?

OK, so I have never been eating fruits or vegetables, not even as a child. My parents tried for many years to force me to eat them, but it didn’t do any good. It’s not as simple as I simple do not like them. I literally gag and vomit when I try to eat them. When my parents tried to get me to eat them they would say I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I ate some of the salad and I would force myself to eat it by taking small pieces and swallowing it with water (as when you take pills).
I have tried several times as an adult to incorporate this crap into my diet and force myself to eat them, but I just cringe by looking at them! They look so nasty and I hate the consistancy too and the way they crunch and crack when being chewed. I have tried to boil and prepare them every thinkable way, but to no avail.
I know it’s technically not vegetables, but I do eat potatoes, and onions (when cooked) – not green onions tho. I also drink lots of juice especially orange juice. I eat LOTS of meat. Usually my food consist of some sort of processed meat (hot dogs, meatballs, hamburger, etc) with either mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, rice, etc. I suppose my diet is somewhat high in fat, but I eat absolutely no sweets whatsoever.
I am now 34 years old and I have been taking multivitamins since about 6-7 years back. I have not noticed anything wrong with my body, I rarely get sick. I weigh 178 lbs and I’m about 6 ft tall.
If it’s so dangerous to not eat vegetables, how come I have not noticed anything wrong with me after 34 years into my life? How long does it take usually before people who don’t eat vegetables start having health issues?
Or will I be fine if I keep eating potatoes and drink lots of fruit juice like orange juice, and take my vitamins?
Please answer if you have some knowledge on the subject, no wild guesses plz. Dietrists and doctors esp welcome to answer. 🙂


  • Betty B

    You meant dieticians or nutritionists.

    Beware of OJ as it’s easy to drink too many calories if you drink “lots of fruit juice”.
    Plus you don’t want to know what you’re drinking if it’s commercial. The FDA allows a percentage of foreign matters in food, like insect parts, rodent hairs and poop, larvae, maggots, even rust and cigarette butts….You can find a legless frog in your green beans but luckily, OJ is a liquid that can be filtered so any insects and rodents that fell in the vats and drowned or lay eggs there (lots of those in Florida) will not end up in your glass of OJ, big enough for the naked eye…still eeww…poop?
    Once I ate delicious cherries picking them up directly from a cherry tree, brought some home and all of them contained live maggots…so you get your protein too.

    You weigh 178lbs, you’d be overweight at 184lbs for your height (unless you’re athletic and have a lot of heavy muscle mass) so you might want to lay off the juices.

    If you’d press one orange, you’d get a third of a cup, look at it and think “where’s the rest?”
    One cup of OJ is like 3 oranges but you’d be better off eating the orange to get the fiber (without the rodent poop).
    8oz of OJ gives you more than your daily requirement of vitamin C so you’ll have to pee any surplus you get.
    Men need 90mg/day and a cup of OJ has about 125mg so you’re already peeing off the surplus plus the vitamins in your multivitamin pill.

    (Going on a tangent)
    OJ is a touchy subject for me because I almost die drinking too much OJ…I was pregnant + a hot summer with heat waves + no A/C + OJ was soooo refreshing + I was young and stupid = a baby who weighed almost 10 pounds + natural childbirth = hemorrhage + infection…I barely made it alive and they saved my uterus in the nick of time (they realized I stopped bleeding when I was already on the operating table). Without modern medicine, 9 blood transfusions for hours and antibiotics, I would not be here today.

    I was on a strict diet the next time I was pregnant and was limited to one orange/day (still got an 8 pounder baby).
    80 years ago, kids would get one orange a year (in France, for Christmas) so I could deal with one a day.

    Thank you blood donors for your contribution so you can save lives like mine!
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    O-neg Universal donors should donate blood regularly.
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    (End of tangent)

    What about poultry, fish and eggs, legumes (beans, peas, lentils…) and nuts/seed?

    What about dairies, like milk, yogurt, cheese and butter?
    Like do you make mashed potatoes using butter (I think the one using water taste bland)?
    Do you add butter, cheese and or sour cream to an oven cooked potato?

    A potato is a complete food, VERY healthy and a gold mine of vitamins (lots of C and B6), minerals, and fiber (eat the skin), energy…It’s a great pre-workout meal to give you energy to get an easy and efficient workout (when you can progress each workout) as you would not want to have a hard and inefficient work out on a low blood sugar level…duh!

    Potatoes (with skin) + milk (whole) = complete diet (like the Irish ate before they starved to death when they got the potato blight).
    Potatoes do not contain vitamins A and D so you need to drink/eat dairies with it (milk, butter, cheese which is why you add those to your jacket potato).

    You can also find vitamin A in liver and egg yolk (if you don’t eat dairies) and vitamin D in fish.

    You’re only 34yo so you’re still young (ask anybody in their 50s).

    Don’t end up like John Ritter (54), Michael Clarke Duncan (54), James Gandolfini (51)…
    You’re 6 pounds away from the overweight category and you won’t need 15-20 years to get there.
    You can easily gain 3 or 4% of your total body weight in just a year.

    Some 21yo fit athlete could drop dead on the basketball court, playing a college game because he ate too much saturated fats, eating fried chicken and French fries and Big Macs so he gets a heart attack when a little tiny artery gets clogged.
    Or he gets a stroke if it’s an artery to the brain.

    (Ran out of space).

  • That Guy Again

    That’s very unhealthy but if you cant bring yourself to do it, eat animal organs! our caveman ancestors and tribes today go for organs first thing, their rich full of nutrients and minerals! sounds gross I know but they actually don’t taste bad!

    Organs = missing food in todays human food pyramid

  • I used to find it really difficult to eat enough fruit and veg. I started using a product called Juice Plus last year, and still use it today. Juice Plus is basically the essence of up to 26 different fruit, veg and berries, in capsule or shake form. I have a shake a day and also take the capsules. Feels good knowing I’m getting all the nutrients and vitamins from fruit and veg without necessarily having to eat the real thing! There’s more info on the website http://www.facebook.com/juiceplusdorset.

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