Do you Know of a Good Probiotic (Flora) Formula for Good Colon/Digestion Health etc…?

My Mom wants me to find her a good probiotic (good bacteria) system that will help her w/her colon, digestion etc… I found this system online:

Do any of you have any experience w/a probiotic formula? What was your experience? Which formula do you recommend?


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  • abv_md

    Im curious as to what signs and symptoms are your mom feeling? What does she think is wrong with her system? Well just to answer your question, we have several in the market: Look for products that contain lactobacilli (these are live good bacteria that aids in digestion, e.g. yakult or other health products such as certain brand of yogurts). Bifidus are also recently incorporated to certain milks… Try checking out the labels especially dairy products…

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