cholesterol level is less than 200mg/dl?

Desirable concentration of total cholesterol of one statistic should be less than 200mg/dl and another statistic of ideal concentration of cholesterol is 5.2 moles per liter. The formula mass of cholesterol = 386.65 g/mol. Are these two number consistant or contradictory? and why?

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  • rb43081

    5.2 moles of cholesterol = 2010 gms (5.2 moles x 386.65 gms/mole)

    2010 gms/liter is impossible; a liter (of water, or likewise, blood) only weights 1000 gms in the first place, so it could not have 2000-plus gms of cholesterol in it!))

    The reference in moles per liter should be in MILLImoles per liter (a millimole is one-thousandth of a mole)

    Then, 5.2 mmol of cholesterol = 2010 mgms (2.01 gms)

    2010 mgms per liter = 2010 mgms / 10 deciliters (a deciliter = one-tenth of a liter, also known as 100 milliliters) or 201 mgms/dL

    So, 5.2 MILLImoles per liter is consistent with 200 mg/dl.

    Rex, a physician, in the midwest

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