Can thyroid medicine cause me not to be hungry?

I was just wondering if my thyroid medicine could cause me to never be hungry. I have no idea if i’m hypo or hyper (even the doc’s don’t know.) So is there a way that my meds could cause me not be hungry at all? (And i’m NOT anorexia. Just so you know. ; )


  • Homeocare

    It is not so. The thyroid medicine is given in different conditions like hypothyroidism, hyperthroidism or goitre, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or thyroid cancers. Depending upon the type of thyroid problem the symptoms vary and so the treatment. Disturbed / altered appetite is one of the many symptoms of any thyroid condition and if the appetite is not normal either more or less due to some thyroid condition, that would get rectified when the medicine is given.
    Thyroid medicine should not be taken just for either to increase or decrease the appetite. It would lead to dangerous complications more than the appetite. Hence to conclude not to take thyroid medicine without advice of qualified physician.

  • lamby

    You could use the link below to search for the particular medicine that you are on. Scroll down until you see a listing for side effects and use google to look up words you don’t understand.

    I have also listed a site that has a wealth of info covering different thyroid issues. You can browse through the site and look for things that match your symptoms and use the search bar to search for your prescription. You will likely find it mentioned on this site.

    I know that it is overwhelming when you first get your diagnosis. Hang in there and learn all you can. Keep a record of your test results, even if the dr acts like you are meddlesome to ask for them. Write down any diagnosis that the dr is considering (ask for correct spelling) and google them later. At first you may find that you have to look up a lot of words and struggle to figure things out, but it will be worth your while. Narrowing your problem to your thyroid is a first step on a pathway to a better life.

    I hope the new year brings renewed health for you.

  • Nurse Susan

    1] you are being treated for thyroid prob, but the doctor doesn’t know your diagnosis?
    2\ something is very wrong here – get a new doctor, ASAP

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