Why vegetarian food still have cholesterol ?

I seen it when downloading the vegetarian recipe. where this cholesterol come from?


  • frank s

    It comes from everywhere… It is necessary… without cholesterol you would die. The thing to watch is amout.

    Oh really, for all those who don’t know what cholesterol really is in a biochemical sense… Feast your eyes… Why thumbs down me because I know more than you?

    Behrman and Gopalan (2005) suggest the following as an accurate account of the real sterol content of plants:

    More than 250 steroids have been described in plants. Of these, perhaps sitosterol, which differs from cholesterol by an ethyl substituent at position 24, is the most common. But plants also contain cholesterol both free and esterified. Cholesterol occurs as a component of plant membranes and as part of the surface lipids of leaves where it is sometimes the major sterol. The quantity of cholesterol is generally small when expressed a percent of total lipid. While cholesterol averages perhaps 50 mg/kg total lipid in plants, it can be as high as 5 g/kg (or more) in animals.

    Cholesterol is only in animals… What a crock…

  • KitKat

    If there is dairy or egg..there will be cholesterol

  • Katie G

    Anything coming from an animal will have cholestrol. ie.dairy,eggs. Its vegan food where you will never find cholesterol.

    Your body naturally produces cholestrol. You do not need to consume another animals cholestrol to survive. 😛

    *Aww Frank, apparently I am going to die from a cholesterol deficiency, so you wont have anything to worry about.


  • There is good and bad cholesterol and cholesterol IS healthy. It helps produce cell membranes. It is dangerous though when you have too much cholesterol in your blood.

    Eggs have cholesterol and even plants have some small traces of cholesterol

  • mockingbird

    Cholesterol comes from animal sources only. If there’s cholesterol then the recipe must contain eggs or dairy products.

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