what causes a thyroid gland to diminish in size?

My Thyroid Ultrasound shows diminished size of the thyroid gland, left thyroid lobe being smaller than the right which is heterogeneous in its echotexture without definite evidence of focal masses. If indicated nuclear medicine thyroid scan and uptake may be of help for further characterization given the history of hypothyroidism.
So is this something to be concerned about? My Doctor wants me to have the scan done but is it really necessary since the cost is alot and my insurance only covers so much.
Yes thyroid problems do run in my family about 34 total have a problem with theirs.

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  • formerly_bob

    The most common cause of shrinkage comes from the immune system attacking thyroid tissues as if the thyroid gland were a foreign body (like a bacterial infection). This is the principal cause of a hypothyroid condition and its largely hereditary. Then there’s less common things like dietary deficiencies, lack of necessary enzymes, thyroid cancer, and problems originating in the pituitary gland.

    So, it looks like there’s probably 35 people now. You can expect the same things other people in your family have experienced.

    A thyroid scan is necessary to make sure you don’t have thyroid cancer and to assess any nodules that might be present.

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