What are some good home remedies that I could do for pore shrinkage??

Some members in my family have pore problems, not a bad pore issue, but an issue that wants to be solved and prevented by using natural ingredients at home, home-made medicines, etc. I’m looking for home remedies thats natural instead of taking pills, having to buy ointment, facewash, and pro-active. Our family quote is " The more natural things are, the more healthy…The older home remedies work best"


  • Lotus Cat

    A simple natural treatment for helping with that is distilled Witchhazel (Hammamelis Virginia). You can usually buy this very cheaply from any chemist (pharmacist) shop. Witchhazel has astringent properties so helps in tightening up enlarged pores and also blackhead removal.

    Inbetween using Witchhazel for its astringent effects on the skin, use aloe vera gel for its moisturising effects. The drying effect of Witchhazel needs to be counterbalanced and natural aloe vera gel is the best natural remedy for that. Aloe Vera and Witchhazel are two products you might ordinarily have in your house anyway, in your natural medicine collection. Aloe Vera for its amazing soothing effects on sunburn/other burns and Witchhazel for bruises/sprains and pimples/spots. Most large health stores stock Aloe Vera gel. Look for an Organic one preferably.

    Another product that can usually bought cheaply and can help and is something you might like to consider using once a week as a healthy and cleansing facial is a mud facial mask. Again, these can usually be bought again from your local chemist shop.

    Hope this helps.

  • tylr_vckry

    umm my father told me a few months ago to put alchol on them and get a very hot wash cloth adn put it on that for a few minutes then get a verry cold one and do the same.
    it worked for me.

  • aisha_73

    Raw honey masks are good. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser then smear some raw not cooked honey onto your face and your pores will shrink AND your skin will be so soft and smooth. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. do this for thirty to forty five days and you will see a difference in your skin.
    Also make sure that you exfoliate too. I use sea salt, a little olive oil and lavender oil(good for cell regeneration).
    Get some clay, preferably green clay and give yourself some masks twice a week. Add just a touch of honey to your moisturizer and skin cream before you add it to your face. Works best in the winter, spring and fall weather, but not summer time.
    Steam your face with hot water and herbs to open pores. If you don’t do anything else use the raw honey, you wont regret it.

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