Thyroid Disease?

Ok well I was wondering what is the symptoms of thyroid problems. Im 17 and very overweight. I have tried losing weight more times than I can count and I just can’t lose the weight. In my dad’s family history almost everyone has Thyroid Problems. Could I have it too.

The symptoms I have is.

-wrist pains
-not able to lose weight
-my hair falls out more than normal
-eyes start getting very sore and puffy
-i eat a little and gain weight.
-i stop eating and gain weight
-very dry skin
-and exhaustion

PS. I walk every day for 30 min. and by the time I hit 5 min. I feel like I am bout to die.

any suggestions of what it could be if you dont think its Thyroid problems?
I am going to the doctor in a couple of weeks but I kinda want to get an idea first of what they might say.


  • ♡Precious Zara♡

    You have classic symptoms of Hypothyroid. If it runs in the family then it’s highly that you have it too. Make an appointment to see your primary physician and understand that a regular blood test can’t tell if you have thyroid problems. So ask to have blood work to specifically check your THYROID HORMONE LEVELS. Hypothyroidism is easy to diagnose with a blood test that checks the level of various thyroid hormones including T3 and T4. Once your condition is confirmed, the doc will refer you to a endocrinologist who will prescribe you a hormone replacement medication like Synthroid and will ask you to do another blood test in about 4-6 weeks in which time he will want to see you again and discuss your blood work results and might adjust your medication dose depending on your blood results. You are not required to fast for any of these blood tests, but ask your doctor if you must. Also ask your doctor if natural medications like evening primrose oil tablets and B-complex vitamin can help you with some of the symptoms like air loss, which is a concern of most patients, and if it’s OK ask specifically when to take them as other medications can highly interfere with how your thyroid medication works leading to them being ineffective. I hope you feel well!

  • Nancy H

    hope this helps, my daughter had a thyroid problem a few years ago . She had just had a baby and was down to 95 lb. . I know the thyroid problem can go both ways . The only real way to know if you have a thyroid problem is to see the doctor . you will then have to take medicine for the rest of your life . But on the good side you will be better .Knowing it runs in your family helps the doctor . As for your walking , well that probably has to do with your weight . take it easy and work your way up . walk to the corner and back .
    If its not thyroid problems it could be enlarge heart problems . you will probably be perscribed a steroid to help get stronger . Above all see the doctor only he can help you all the way . Take care .

  • Wissen

    Some of your symptoms suggest hypothyroidism. Particular "red flags" are dry skin and hair falling out, and weight gain despite eating little to nothing. In combination with severe fatigue and family history, these are very strong indicators.

    Did your hair loss, dry skin, and fatigue begin before or after you started dieting? If they started after you began trying to lose weight, STOP DIETING IMMEDIATELY, start taking a multivitamin, and see your doctor right away, as you may be depriving yourself of proper nutrition. Iif your other symptoms predate your attempts to lose weight, malnutrition or malabsorption (such as from inflammatory bowel disease or food intolerances) does not fit the bill. But do still start eating more. If this is a medical condition, starving yourself will not do any good and only make you feel worse.

    To my knowledge, wrist pains and sore eyes are not symptomatic of thyroid problems. However, you should still bring them up with your doc in case they indicate another condition or need separate treatment.

  • Shelia L

    When you talk to your doctor ask him to check you for Parathroid.
    And ask your doctor about Alvidar.

  • Ellen

    Hi, I feel your pain. I’m 30 and have just started being treated for thyroid problems, but I’m sure it started at least 10-15 years ago. About a year ago the symptoms getting worse, so I didn’t stop till I found a doctor who would take me seriously. I had all your symptoms except puffy eyes (mine are really, really dry) and I can add about 10 more. My joint pain was so bad I had trouble moving around the house.

    The good news is, after even the lowest dose of thyroid, the pain (and several other symptoms) went away (but this is really, really different for each person from what I hear). I’m still working on finding the right dose with my doctor, but I’m very hopeful. There are a lot of people out there who have a thyroid disease that are not treated, or not treated properly. Don’t let anyone to tell you to just exercise, or get a hobby. Find a new doctor if they won’t help you find out what’s wrong (whether it ends up being thyroid or not).

    Make sure you ask for test results and make sure you know what they mean. I have debilitating pain at a TSH of 5.5… some doctors say that doesn’t need to be treated. But I can tell you my life is totally different with a TSH of 2.0 or below.

    You can even have a home test done to see what your thyroid levels are if you doc won’t do it for you (then you can go back and make a case). They are about $35 and from a nationally certified lab.

    There is a great book by Mary Shomon called "Living Well with Hypothyroidism". Some of it may be a little out there, but it arms you with a lot of knowledge. This is definitely not the type of disease you can turn over to the docs… you need to fight for your right to be well. I wasted so many years of my life exhausted and in a deep brain fog. Hang in there… I hope you find an answer quickly.

    P.S. I know about the exercise. Sometimes, I’m out of breath just walking up the stairs, and I walk 30 min a day too.

    P.S.S. Just curious if you have a low resting pulse, cold hands and feet, and/or low body temperature… those are classic signs of hypothyroidism.

    P.S.S.S. It does run in families… my mom and two aunts were diagnosed recently.

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