PLEASE Help with Colon cleansing!?

so i am thinking about buying a colon cleansing kit..(pills) but i have a few questions before hand

-what is the best system?
-how much does a colon cleasning pill kit cost?
-can i get by with using a free trail?
-how long does it take?
-does it actually work ( i keep seeing pictures of nasty gunk that comes out will that happen to me?
-should i buy it online or at a store?
-are there side effects? (do the pills have any drugs like caffine or ephedra that speed up your heart to increase mitabloisim?


  • Vital Force

    I think the best colon cleanser is Colonix by You can buy it online.

    It is the colon cleanse product that I believe to be the very best on the market.

    I would never go for some free trial.

    When I first cleansed with Colonix, I did the cleanse for between 2-3 months. I was quite toxic and I knew that is what my body needed.

    Now I cleanse annually or bi-annually for about 1 month at a time for health maintenance.

    Colonix is an all natural herbal product. There is no caffeine or ephedra in it. This outstanding product has been around for over 10 years and has a very good reputation

    Choose wisely,


  • Natasha

    Colon Cleansing works, but is definitely unsafe. It only depends why you want a colon cleansing kit in the first place. If its to lose weight, I wouldnt try it because of the unhealthy side effects.

  • It is a Scam. Most things you find on this site from spammers are 99.99% of the time.

    The only way to get rid of weight is to exercise and eat better.

  • tom4bucs

    different prices $39 – $150 depending on extent of products (tea + pills + fiber powder etc)

    free trial – no way – mine cost $5.95 and 10 daze later they billed me for $89.95 – still fighting that one

    2-3 weeks –

    pictures – are the body’s reaction to the stuff you ingest -and have been debunked years ago

    I use Swanson Vitamins for their Colon Tone – uses oxygen release

    nope – no ephedra/ no increase in metabolism

    ***your disgetive system has things it needs to help you "keep it running"

    here is my routine

    1) Apple Cider Vinegar tablet upon rising – gets your tummy ready
    2) A probiotic capsule to add good flora into the digestive system (2 a day/each one 20 minutes before food)
    3) Make sure you are getting enough fiber – 35 is my level as a minimum
    4) Colon Tone taken during the day ( start first 15 daze 2x/day – – then back off to 1/day)

    when you eat fruit – eat it 2 hrs away from the meal – OR as the main meal itself
    I eat 5xday – so I spread my calories out – keeps the "campfire" burning vs eating
    one big buffet during the day – like throwing a LOG on a smoldering fire – will not digest well
    and converts to fat easily

    to boost metabolism – walk 30-45 minutes a day – – -and ‘hoof’ the inside 15-20
    then slow down and cool off the last 5 – – – this will keep you up and running for the next 48 hrs

    all the best

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