Natural remedies that can aid in the creation of health/normal B-cells?

My wife has ITP and currently she is on a 4 dose Rituxamb treatment to destroy all of her B-Cells with the hope that it will destroy her abnormal B-cells and when new ones are regenerated, they will not be malicous and destroy her own platelets. I would like to know if there are any natural remedies she can take to improve her chances of not having new abnormal B-cells?

Thank you!


  • Weise Ente

    No and anyone telling you otherwise is lying.

    Scam artists like to prey upon the desperate. Be careful.

    Note that the typically scam artist doesn’t understand medicine. Rituximab is a monoclonal antibody that binds to the B cell marker CD20. An antibody on the surface of a cell marks it for destruction. This means treatment will destroy most B cells.

    Immature pro-B cells don’t have the marker and are spared, so new B cells can still be created. The long lived plasma cells that just make antibodies also don’t have it. The humoral immune system survives and can replenish itself.

  • thenoseknows

    I hope you realize that the treatment your wife is receiving is based on theory with no real evidence of efficacy. Note the concept of "with the hope"…
    Since this is a serious chronic problem, cherry picking supplements isn’t the ideal approach either. She should see a professional Homeopath or Naturopath to see what can be done to support her overall health and well being.

  • Chicago Mike

    There are two different things your wife could try. Getting maximum exposure to the sun to make vitamin D and trying to incorporate juicing into her everyday diet.

    A deficiency of vitamin D "has been linked to the development of several autoimmune disorders" [1] Now what harm could it do to have your wife sunbathe outside around noon for a half hour or so? Vitamin D is involved with the immune system and is actually a prehormone. [2] Hormones are chemical messengers from one cell, or group of cells, to another. [3]

    What about vegetable juicing and what advantage would that be to your wife? The advantage would be near 100% absorption of all the vitamins, minerals, and photo-nutrients found in vegetables. [4] Think of all the valuable nutrients that your wife may be missing that could be easily replaced found in vegetables. What harm could that possibly cause to your wife?

    There is nothing that is ever guaranteed in life, but I think if your wife were to try the ideas listed above it would give her a better chance of having a healthy life.

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