Is there a natural remedy or treatment for my cat allergies?

We want to get our daughter a cat, because shes love them so much. But I’m kind of allergic, but not violently. And an outside cat in our area isnt an option. I can go to a friends house where there are cats and be fine as long as I dont touch my eyes or sit on anything with lots of fur on it. But I’m used to being careful. With my own cat, I would like to be able to hold and pet it without worrying about all the dander flying in my face. I would prefer not to take normal allergy meds, all that I have tried make me sleepy, even "non-drowsy" ones. Plus I’m not fond of the idea of taking a drug everyday. Does anyone know of any natural allergy treatments? I’ve seen them for plant allergies, but do they work for pet allergies, or is there a different thing for that? Also, is there an allergy shot that you can get?


  • Ohio Healer

    Use two drops of peppermint essential oil on the back of your neck twice a day. This works for 98% of the people I’ve recommended it to. Test-drive this remedy at your friend’s house before letting your daughter get a cat, just in case you’re part of the 2%. You should be able to buy a bottle at the health food store for less than $15usd. Just make sure it’s 100% pure essential oil. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

  • Get rid of the cat.

  • chryslerbuilding12

    do you honestly think natual remedies work as well or even close to as well as real medicine? It’s like putting 18th century medicine against modern day medicine. We’ve learned alot since then and learned exactly wht in those old remedies does the trick, and how to use that and more to do the trick better than a plant evolved for eating. its called science, and no there is no other remedy for cat allergies than midication. Flonase doesnt work for things you are especially allergic to, but is probably the best choice for you. It had never made me tired, and i take it every day and play football.

  • Mad Roy

    Vitamin C and Pantothenic acid sometimes help with allergy problems. A good air purifier system would probably help too,
    Ask your health food store about Nettles and Quercetin with Bromelain for allergy relief.
    Good luck!

  • Tammybfriends

    try natural products found here…

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