• carobygirl

    Lower in total fat, saturated fat, calories and cholesterol than traditional meats, it just might be the perfect red meat for you. While not as lean as elk, deer or grass-fed buffalo, it is certainly not as rich as lamb, yet retains a sweet flavor reminiscent to lamb. Protein content is similar, but goat has some unique saturated fat and cholesterol characteristics. Goat fat has much less saturated fat and higher levels of mono- and polyunsaturated fat, a fact that can be visually observed in the more liquid goat fat drippings after cooking. Less saturated fat and hence, less cholesterol means a healthier red meat for you. Additionally goat meat has higher values in iron, potassium, and thiamine together with less sodium than traditional meats here in the USA. 50% less fat than beef, 45% less fat than lamb, 15% less fat than veal, yet a great taste. What is there not to like in goat meat?

  • Amber S

    VERY bad. chicken is the BEST. my dad has high cholesterol and the doctor told him this very same thing.

  • Goat beef??????? Beef is cows. Chèvre is goat meat….

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