Difference Between Lard and Cholesterol?

What is a waxy, fatlike substance found in animal products? Everywhere I look says cholesterol, but why wouldn’t it be lard? What’s the difference?


  • The fat like substance is fat. Cholesterol is found in fat and Lard is pig fat. So essentially there is no difference. Cholesterol is not bad for you. You actually need it to function, but like everything else if you over consume it, it becomes unhealthy. Believe it or not, a high percentage of heart disease patients don’t have high cholesterol. High cholesterol has been present in heart disease cases but that is because of the accumulation due to inflammation. Without inflammation cholesterol would not accumulate and would flow naturally with the blood. But when we eat things that cause inflammation in high amounts, grains are an example, then cholesterol is given the chance to accumulate.

  • Steve

    Lard is a vegan.food. People who eat meat only eat.the.meat not lard! Lard is.high in.cholesterol along with other vegan foods like avocado!

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