Colon Cancer? Crohn's Disease? 13 year old girl freaking out here!!?

Symptoms Include:
– Abdominal Pain/Discomfort
– Change in Bowl Stuff (constipation/the big D)
– Fatigue
– Weakness
– Blood on Toliet Paper (back end)
– Fever that comes and goes
Lower back discomfort (I do have scoliosis, but it’s never felt like this)
– Pain in abdomin feels like I’m hungry/full/or very uncomfortable
– Wakes me up at night for no reason
– Restless
– Trouble going to bathroom because it hurts (my rear end)

I have X-Rays on Friday that were clear except for the fact I had some stool backed up in my colon. So, I was put on a laxative to clean it out. I’ve been on it for 2 days, but I still have the pain. Ultra Sound showed nothing either. If this pain isn’t gone by Monday, we’re scheduling the test where I drink barium and they do X-Ray’s. Please tell me what you think this is. I was afraid it was Colon Cancer because my grandfather had it and I know Crohn’s Disease (sometimes) goes with Colon Cancer. Could it be that?

Don’t say "go to the Doc/ER".
No, this has been going on for a month and slowly, but surely, has progressed towards worse.


  • Alt Healer

    Hi Jo Jo

    If your colon is bunged up, it can start to cause all sorts of health problems in the body. Eat lots of fruit and veg, include plenty of fiber in your diet and buy a colon cleanse from a health food store or online if necessary. It’s also good to get some colonic irrigation. It makes you feel so clean inside and you get the urge to put only good food in your body after you’ve been cleansed.

    1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, herbal tea or unsweetened juice each day
    2. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper
    3. Eat every two hours, by having healthy snacks in between meals. Eating frequently increases your metabolism.
    4. Eat lots of fruit and veg.
    5. When having potatoes, rice or pasta, just have a small portion.

    1) Eat at least 5 servings of different fruits and vegetables every day. Don’t eat any junk/snack type food until you’ve had at least 5 fruits/vegetables.

    2) Stick to whole, unprocessed foods such as whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts. As much as you can, try to eat foods that don’t have a brand name! So, for example, eat oatmeal (you can buy oats in the bulk bin of most grocery stores) instead of Honey Bunches of Oats.

    3) Eliminate partially hydrogenated oil and high-fructose corn syrup completely.

    4) Drink a gallon of water instead of soda. If you really want juice, make it a nutritious juice, such as orange juice. Apple and grape juices have very little in the way of nutrients.

    5) Minimize animal products, especially fatty ones, as much as possible.

    6) Learn about colon cleansing every quarter to remove excess waste and toxins out of the body. You’ll be better in no time.

    Best of health to you

  • ok sit down to ur self and say do i really have colon cancer or do i not this is the cure for everything then at the end say NOT HAHAHA

  • Deborah

    It could be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

  • missindy46

    it might be nothing but gas pains. i bet the pain will be better in a day or two. if not ..make sure you do go back to the drs. good luck to ya

  • Mean Carleen

    You had xrays and ultrasound so whats the problem. The pain could be stress related you know. I had a health scare earlier this year and worried so much I was getting back spasms and stomach pains from the stress I put on myself. I know its easier to say than do but try not to worry. You have doctors appointment and hopefully it will clear all this up.

  • masonry

    It could be a kidney infection. This is serious. You could ask the doctor for antibiotics and to check you for infection. It should be checked right away because it could cause kidney trouble.

  • If you seriously think you have colon cancer, you need to initially have a CBC with differential run.

    (If you don’t want to to go to the doctor, it’s difficult to get blood work or any other diagnostic work done. There aren’t too many do-it-yourself cancer diagnosis home kits floating around.)

  • Ken, Heydi, and Star

    ask a nurse

  • ivesxo21

    i’m sure you’ve done your reasearch and you are probably righ; it COULD be
    however, it is human nature to totally freak out when it’s your body doing the weird stuff
    trust me i know
    don’t worry doctor knows best, they’ll take good care of you if something goes wrong
    and your young if it is something chances are you’ll be okay

  • trishaann79

    All of those things go with constipation, and unfortunately, they also accompany the medications that cure your constipation. If it takes a few more days that’s normal. Straining to go to the restroom and diarrhea both cause hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids do tend to bleed. If it’s fresh (bright red) then it’s usually ok, if it’s black (old) then it’s a good idea to go to the doctor. People with Crohn’s Disease have a slightly greater risk or colon cancer, but that’s nothing as compared with ulcerative colitis. Drink plenty of fluids and walk around a bit too.

  • pyoung82

    I have been in that situation.I ended up with a complete obstrucion of the bowel.The 1st 2 times i went to the er they said i had gastritis so I know u do not want to hear go to the er but if u start to throw up and can not fart then u need to get seen.
    I have had that test u are going to have done so we prepared it is no fun. But necessary

  • zealot144

    Blood on toilet paper is usually nothing more than the injury sustained by the rectum and anus when expelling dried feces.

    The pain you describe sounds more like constipation than anything else.

    I pray that you do not have colon cancer. But, the symptoms you describe are more indicative of constipation, including the backed up stool.

    Hopefully, the laxative helps.

    Whatever you do, don’t panic. Wait for the test results. So far, they sound good. Worry can make you sick. Fear can make you sick. If you are already sick. worry and fear will make you sicker.

    Be brave. Don’t be afraid.

  • mark H

    #1 DONT DRINK BARIUM.You are too young for colon cancer unlees you have been eating garbage all your days.You probaly are stressed for some reason.School ,boyfriend ,parents . #2 Hows your diet,I mean do you try to eat right.You know ,,not a bunch of junk food but like water ,,salad,green veggies,fruit ,real juice not that sugary falsely labeled sweet stuff with artificial sweetners.

  • You are doing the right thing to continue with the diagnostic tests to find out if it could be Crohn’s. Since you had a family member with that, you could have it, too. Remember, Crohn’s can be treated. And a lot of other people have it, too. Just hang in there until your doctor figures out what you have and how to treat it. Also, the doctor can help you treat the symptoms that bother you the most. Once you have a diagnosis, you can look that up on the internet or possibly get a book or phamplet from the doctor’s office to learn more about what you have and what can be done about it.

  • canadaguy

    Relax, take a deep breath , have a drink of water. There are many solvable issues that could explain your symptoms. Chances are that these things are caused by more than one issue. I have been through the barium +Xray test 2 x so make sure you don’t eat for the whole time or you will have to repeat it and it sucks. Hang in there and remember chances are that it is some simple thing. For example fresh blood on paper isn’t a cancer sign, it is usually caused by hemriods from a low fibre diet. That fits the constipation, all 3 pain symptoms, lower back etc. No reason to panic. try to sleep kiddo good night.

  • We are not doctors to tell you what is that all about. Do your parents know about what you feel?They are the immediate family members whom you can confide and will help you the moment you needs help. Just pray and ask Gods’ healing power, trust Him and He will provide what you are asking for,only be honest. I will pray for you. God Bless!

  • elder_moon81

    Having had 2 colonoscopies, it does not sound like colon cancer. I live with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, (accelerated with blasts to spinal fluid). So I go thru a pretty rigerous check up yearly, along with maintenance follow-ups every three months.
    As for being Crohn’s, you say you are constipated, and have trouble going to the bathroom. It doesn’t read like that either. It could be Colitis, a blockage in your intestine.
    But, I am not a medical doctor, and do not say it is not any of the above, but before you start freaking out. Think of some of the things that may have changed in your life.
    Eating habits, types of food, taking/not taking vitamins, stress, peer pressure, life at home. Worrying that it "might be" cancer or Crohn’s, keep a positive spin on things, and start with the simple things that affect you, because they also affect your health.
    IF, and that is the biggest word when dealing in medical issues, IF it is, there are resources out there, that can help. If you posted this question in a web room or chat, keep in mind, others can’t diagnose you. Just because "suzy2006"’s Aunt on her Mothers side had a friend who knew someone, who had the exact same symptoms, and it turned out to be a tumor the size of Rhode Island located in her buttocks, (forget the fact, that this friend also dined on double quarter pounders with extra cheese for 5 years), they don’t know you, I don’t know you.
    But, you have gone to the docs, and have tests coming up, the wait is the hardest part, but there are those around you, who will love and support you.

  • Sparty

    Dear Jo Jo,

    I am so sorry to hear you are having such intestinal difficulties!
    It sounds as if your parents are already taking you to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis, and the X-Ray results sound encouraging.

    Blood on the toilet paper is most likely from the constipation. When you do have a bowel movement, the delicate tissue in the rectum bleeds easily. When you have the big "D", there is probably no blood.

    Some of your abdominal discomfort may also be associated with your period, if you have begun menstruating.

    There is a possibility of Celiac’s disorder, where you may be allergic to wheat gluten. My sister’s husband has that condition and has to follow a very strict wheat/gluten free diet.

    My mother has Crohn’s Disease. She is quite elderly, but it can develop in early years, too. This disorder causes the intestines to develop ulcerations that can swell and actually block the food digestion to the point where you can’t keep it down, but it is accompanied by severe pain and discomfort. She takes a drug called Pentasa that controls the swelling and deveopment of ulcerations.

    The Barium x-ray should be able to distinguish any Crohn’s development. You can also schedule an endoscopic exam
    during which a specialist does a procedure with a camera on a scope examining the walls of your large intestine.

    I hope you feel better soon and your exams rule out anything serious!!

    Take care.
    P.S. Try the website below.

  • thefreevariable

    I’m not a doctor, but I do have Crohn’s Disease, and I know quite a lot about it.

    Don’t get ahead of yourself. Colon cancer in a 13 year old girl is highly unlikely. Crohn’s increases the risk of colon cancer, but only after living with CD for years and years.

    The barium follow-through test is quite good. Don’t worry yourself with "what-ifs", just hang in there. Your doctor is clearly taking it seriously and ordering the right tests. Once the two of you know the cause of the problem, you can treat it and feel better. The worst is almost behind you already.

  • lizincali

    if you were constipated and now have blood when you wipe you probably have hemorroids. not anything to worry about but you want to keep your anus as clean as possible so you don’t get an infection. hemorroids can be caused when your pushing too hard and the little blood vessels around your anal sphincter burst. as long as they don’t get infected you should be fine. if it were colon cancer they would see some polyps or spots on the xray film and then they would be scheduling you for a different kind of really "fun" test called a colonoscopy.

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