Anyone done a colon cleanse?

Has anyone tried a colon cleanse? I read up on it but I haven’t heard of anyone doing it. Does it work? How do you feel during and afterwards?


  • jazzfan

    There are colon cleanse products as well as colonics, which the previous poster described. I haven’t done the latter but I have taken Oxy-Powder which is a colon cleanse product. I’m not sure I’ll continue and I haven’t noticed much in the way of better health but I have lost a little weight (3 lbs). The directions state you should have 3-5 BMs a day, which is quite a lot and they’re, ahem, a bit like diarrhea so you should be aware of that. I haven’t come close to an accident, there’s no greater urgency or rush to the bathroom but going that many times isn’t much fun. The idea is to clean out your intestines from impacted fecal matter, which I can’t say has happened but there did seem to be a greater quantity than normal.

    I’ve slept less when taking the product and I feel queasy at times but I haven’t finished the first course yet and stopped last night so I could get a full night’s sleep. It is supposed to make you feel healthier and better, some say it helps with irritable bowel syndrome and I guess going three times a day is better than not going 3-4 days in a row. But so far I feel about the same except my abdomen still feels that queasiness.

    If you’re sick and need to de-toxify you could try this, it’s one of the top-rated colon cleanse products but it was pricey ($78 for 2 bottles, 240 caps in each). You take 4 capsules at bedtime with a full glass of water, so a bottle would last a long time unless you take them more than suggested. There are many review sites for colon cleanse products, google it to see, but many of them may be run by the makers of the products themselves so they’re not too objective.

    A cheaper and safer solution would be to just sweat it out in a sauna for half an hour a day, supposedly the toxins come out that way as well. If you do choose a colonic be sure to read up on them first and compare the reported results with the colon cleanse products. Some procedures are riskier than others, just as some colon cleanse products sound riskier to me, causing the opposite problem from Oxy-Powder.

  • Shoegal

    I have had colonic irrigation before and to be honest i was not impressed. I had heard lots of stories about ppl losing weight and feeling amazing so 3 months before my wedding i gave it a go. Its not painful (just uncomfortable, especially when they are filling you with water!), the staff were lovely and someone stays with you the whole time and take your mind off it by talking to you etc. the whole thing took about 45 mins. I can honestly say i felt no different afterwards and i didnt lose 1lb of weight. I am sure everyone is different but i wouldnt do it again. I feel i actually wasted my money. Hope this helps!

  • Peter

    Am pretty sure its like Ricky Gervais’s dialogue .Its like a terrorist attack down there . It will make you restless untill and unles its completely out of your body. Dont do it often . it doesn’t make a much diffence But if yu still want to do it you can go chek out . I did feel like terrorist attack donw there . Let us know your experience

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