Link between removing gall bladder and colon cancer?

I’m having my gallbladder removed soon and was reading some risks online and came upon several articles that say removing your gall bladder increases your chance of colon cancer. Has anyone else heard this or know why?


  • Katrina

    Did you know that approximately 500,000 persons will undergo surgery to remove their gallbladder this year? And this is considerably low, considering that between 10-15 percent of Americans have been diagnosed with gallstones sometime in their lifetime.

    But unfortunately, removing your body’s organ (the gallbladder) is not a cure-all solution to this disease. Because without your gallbladder, bile will drip continuously into your digestive system. The constant dripping will cause nausea and diarrhea in some people. And far worse, removal of the organ drastically increases your risk of colon cancer, bowel cancer and may lead to higher levels of blood cholesterol because of the dripping bile. And as you know, cholesterol is a leading cause of heart attacks.

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    Why You Need Your Gallbladder?

    In a recent study, researchers from the UK found that gallbladder surgery may increase your risk of developing colon cancer because of bile excretion problems. Though the risk is low, researchers have discovered a noticeable amount of cancer cases resulting from the surgery.

    Should you be concerned? I would contend ‘yes’. Specifically, because your gallbladder was designed with a purpose and losing your gallbladder could be disastrous to your body. And in some cases, fatal!

    The gallbladder’s job results from blood. Blood flows to every part of the body to bring nutrients and waste to and from every single cell in the body. The liver’s (the gallbladder’s neighbor) job is to filter the blood and eliminate the waste/impurities/toxins in the blood. This waste produced by the liver is called bile. The gallbladder then uses the bile to break down fats and cholesterol that you digest.

    With the missing organ, the dripping bile can cause serious problems including: leaving cholesterol to build up in your arteries, colon cancer, bowel cancer and body malfunctions including consistent nausea and diarrhea. Is this worth paying thousands of dollars for all of these possible complications? Of course, not!

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    2. Water! Drink half your weight in ounces every day! Read that over if you didn’t understand but a 200 lb. person should be drinking 100 ounces of water per day. That is about 12 cups of water per day. This alone will allow your body to work extra efficiently.

    3. Avoid extreme fats and cholesterol! You should avoid foods that are high fats and high cholesterol. These foods pump tons of toxins into the liver and are one of the causes of cholesterol based gallstones. You should aim to avoid these foods for about one month and gradually reintroduce them to your diet.

    4. Fiber! Educate yourself on high fiber foods and especially water-soluble fiber foods (fruits and vegetables). These foods will keep you healthy and with continually keeping you regular and flushed.

    5. Vitamin C! Vitamin C can allow the body to convert cholesterol to bile acids. With less cholesterol and more ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), the gallstone risk is drastically decreased. And your immunity will be heightened for better overall health.

    6. Be Active! Our bodies and brains can become naturally addicted to things. Including activity and staying healthy. The best way to stay healthy is to stay active and keep your body running efficiently by regular exercise. Start working out at least 3-4 times per week.

    7. Your diet! You should be eating a well-balanced diet. Avoid fast food, processed foods, and canned/packaged foods. These foods have a tendency to be high fat and high cholesterol.

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  • Zizzou

    A quick search on google shows that it only slightly raises the risk.

    As a medical student I have been taught that inflammatory bowel disease, low fibre diets and genetic conditions (FAP, HNPCC) all predisposed to colon cancer. I’m guessing cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) has a negligible effect.

  • Scuba Steve JW

    Never heard of that and don’t know why it would be true. Did the site you read it at say why?

    My wife just had her gallbladder removed in May. Would rather have avoided it but she was not even able to keep water down and we couldn’t have her getting dehydrated.

    If your situation is not dire or immediate, I would look into doing a gallbladder flush. Also if you are willing to change your diet to get healthy [and lose weight if you need to] should read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books.

    My wife and I have adopted his suggestions and are eating all we want and losing weight fast – like 5 or 6 pounds a week. Only been on it a little over a week though.

  • mohini

    The colon is the digestive part of our body where the waste materials are stored. The colon extends up to the rectum which is adjacent to the anus. The chord between them forms the large intestine. Tumors are developed in the inner walls of the large intestine, resulting in colon cancer.

    Colon cancer referred to as colorectal cancer is not a contagious one. The main causes for this cancer are; high fat intake, from a colorectal cancer affected family member, ulcerative colitis.

    The major symptoms of colon cancer are; narrow stools, diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, abdominal pain, cramps etc.

    Colon cancer can be detected from a lower Gi series (Barium-enema X-ray) method or by colonoscopy method.

    The first method is performed after giving the patient enema with white chalky liquid containing barium and then taking x-rays, the barium leaves a path in the large intestine with dark patches indicating the tumors inside the large intestine.

    Colonoscopy is a method in which the doctor injects a white flexible tube through the anus into the rectum to view the entire colon. This is more accurate when compared to the first method.

    The best method to remove the colon cancer is surgery. By surgery the entire tumor present inside the colon is removed. If the cancer is found on the rectum, them the rectum has to be removed and the surgeon makes opening on the abdomen wall, for the waste materials to be excreted.

    Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are also employed. But chemotherapy takes a long time to remove the infected cells. Radiation therapy is not a recommended in rectum cancer. It causes fatigue, skin irritation in the radiated areas

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