Is drinking non-concentrate orange juice and grapefruit juice each day……?

…sufficient in terms of amount of vitamins?
Because I drink about a glass of each a day and it’s not from concentrate which I know is good. But I don’t eat a lot of fruit in solid form.


  • No it is not.. you need more fruit and veg in your diet then that. Plus by not eating solid fruit you are missing out on the fibre. For a week eat a piece of fruit every day.. the following week increase to two pieces and so on…

  • only a glass a day isn’t enough, but as long as you also eat other fruits, then you’ll be getting enough vitamins

  • Rebecca

    It’s great that you drink the fruit juices every day, but you also need to eat fruit in solid form to benefit from other nutrients such as fibre, as this is lost in the juicing process.

    Variety is really important too – every fruit has it’s own unique collection of vitamins and minerals.
    It’s easier to eat more solid fruit if you fill your fruit bowl with lots of different coloured, more varied fruits (kiwi’s, mango’s, lychee’s, blueberries etc). It’s also worth having lots of small fruits in there, because you can pick at them through the day without too much effort. Buy different fruits each week to keep it interesting and to get the most out of the variety of nutrients they can give you. Brightly coloured fruits (especially red, purple and blue) are also brilliant anti-oxidants; they support your immune system and help fight off unwanted free radicals and illness.

    Have you considered taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement each day with your fruit juice? If you still don’t want to eat more solid fruit, a supplement is a very easy way to boost the juices. The fresh stuff is always the best though. Keep the fruit juice habit going though, every bit helps.

  • Pyewacket

    Well "about a glass" constitutes "about" a portion of your 5-a-day, so that’s good.
    But have you tried making smoothies? Put a banana and a piece of fruit (washed and de-stoned) in a blender with your juice. Whizz till its – erm – smooth. Strain if you want, depends on the fruit. You can use frozen fruit, or the stuff that’s canned in juice not syrup.
    The fun is to find a combination of fruit + juice that tastes amazing!

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