How does thyroid medication work?

I am just wondering how thyroid medication levothyroxine) works in your system. I have Hypothyroidism and I guess the whole process is just confusing. Is it the lower the dose, the better it works for low thyroid, and the higher the dose the better it works for high thyroid?


  • *~STEVIE~* *~B~*

    Levothyroxine is a replacement hormone for an under active thyroid condition (Hypothyroidism). You will need blood tests to determine the dose you will need. Once you are on the right dose you should live a perfectly normal life. I`ve been on 100 mgs for years and have regular blood test to check my dose is still right. It`s rubbish to say you put on weight, feel tired etc when your correct dose is established. I work full time nights, have never felt better and my weight has been stable for ages.

  • Harley Drive

    levothyroxine replaces the natural thyroid hormone you are lacking , the lower the output from your thyroid the more you need, people with too much hormone take a different drug to reduce the thyroid output

  • rafid

    Ok,theyrixine is used when one pair of you thyroid glands is not working properly,or not working at terms high and low dos,you need to ask the doctor.high dos is not good because 1)you get tired, 2)you will be eating too much. depending what you have.

  • sal1970

    levothyroxine is merely replacing or supplementing your normal
    thyroid hormone because your thyroid gland isn’t functioning properly.
    google thyroid gland to see what it does. an overacting thyroid
    gland would require a different medication.

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