Best colon cleansing method or products?

Are there any products, like at Trader Joes or Whole Foods Market that offer a good healthy way to cleanse your intestinal tract and detox your system? There is a lot of "products" out there, like on infomercials that cost hundreds of dollars. Im sure there is a better way then what they offer (and probably less expensive). Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated! Im not looking for drug detox system either. My wife came across some late night commercial and it looks like a gimmick, Im hoping to find something better, more reliable, from a reputable place too. Thanks for anything!


  • Kelley E

    There are several very good colon cleansers available from health food stores. They include but aren’t limited to Ultimate Cleanse, Daily Cleanse, and one by Renew Life.

    Dr. Natura’s also looks impressive.

    Good luck and be well.


  • NO.
    "it looks like a gimmick"
    It is. ALL "colon cleansing" is a gimmick.
    Your colon cleanses itself. Colon "cleansing" is unnecessary nonsense and has never been shown to have any beneficial effect. Save your money and avoid this scam. Don’t be one of the gullible.

  • xchris

    Molasses, a tablespoon in a cup of hot water in the morning, several times a week. A known treatment for polyps that is recommended by many old people in Far North Queensland. Black tea of a morning is a diuretic that promotes bowel movement.

  • adio_J

    beware of info mercials suggesting 25 pounds of waste may be lodged in your colon! Think about it! THere are many herbal pproducts and should cost more than 30-50 bucks. Nutrigenics and Biotics are two sources I have used. You may have to speak w a Chiropractor or Nutritionist to obtain them.and

  • Mary D

    Go to Blessed herbs web site they sell are great colon cleasing

  • marjg

    google Stanley Burroughs "Master Cleanse" absolutely works. will change your life. and doesn’t cost much. blessings.

  • Senekot is good its an herbal laxative its not bad at all I use it once in a while. Prune juice is fantastical. Water lots and lots of water.

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